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100% American Made Men’s and Women’s Concealed Carry Bags, Handbags, & Purses

When you use a search engine to find men’s concealed carry bags made in the USA, women’s concealed carry purses made in the USA, or ladies concealed carry handbags made in the USA, proceed with your eyes wide open. You’ll be given an abundance of misleading results but few legitimate options for American-made concealed carry bags.

Because there are so few USA-made concealed carry bags, sometimes the search engine picks up on the word “made”. (And that’s not limited to this category). The conceal carry bag could be “made” with real leather. Or “made” with sturdy hardware. But the worst is the brands that would rather make word salad than just make their products in the USA.

Examples include large font stating “We’re an American Brand”, “Based in the USA”, or “Designed in the USA”. Yeah, so is Microsoft. Don’t be fooled by intentionally misleading claims.

Another trick to get those front-page search results is for companies to put “USA” in their brand name. For example, “Widgets USA”. But those Widgets aren’t made in the USA. It’s even worse when they make their brand name a state in the union and add USA at the end. Ugh, that gets my goat. Whether it’s intentional or not, it puts those brands high on the search results for queries that include “made in the USA” and misleads many Americans into thinking the products are made in the USA.

Here at Made in the USA Matters, we read the fine print, product descriptions, FAQs, and “About Us” pages for you. We put a lot of effort into sifting through the results and tossing the NOT made in the USA brands out. So if you want a concealed carry bag made in the USA, our list covers the handful of brands manufacturing American made CCW bags for men and women with production taking place right here on American soil. No word salad included.

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CCW Bags Made in the USA

American Made Women’s Concealed Carry Handbags & Purses

Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack is the oldest manufacturer of high-quality, premium leather and canvas bags in the USA and every single piece of canvas and leather is cut, sewn, riveted, and crafted on the same historic site where Duluth Pack began in 1882.

Duluth Pack takes such pride in its workmanship that every finished handbag carries a hand-signed tag inside the bag and is backed by a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship and hardware.

Duluth Pack crafts canvas, leather, and bison leather concealed carry handbags made in the USA in a variety of styles including shell purses, tote handbags, haversacks, and satchels. Most styles are available in a choice of 5 colors.

Duluth Pack is proudly the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the USA. Continuously since 1882.

Duluth Pack

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Hiding Hilda

Hiding Hilda was born when the founder came face to face with the need to protect her family. When she started carrying, she couldn’t find a fashionable, comfortable, and discreet way to carry “Hilda” in her professional career. Hiding Hilda lightweight concealed carry purses are water resistant and machine washable with a separate zippered compartment to secure your piece and has a removable holster. Hiding Hilda also makes lockable leather concealed carry satchels and concealed carry diaper bags made in the USA. Look for the Hiding Hilda line in the main menu for concealed carry purses made in the USA.

Designed and manufactured in Fort Wayne, IN. 

Hiding Hilda

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MoonStruck Leather

MoonStruck Leather is a family-owned and operated business devoted to women who are concealed carriers. Every concealed carry bucket-style handbag, classic-style purse, and tote is handmade in the USA in Texas.

All MoonStruck Leather products are hand crafted in the USA using only the finest, premium leathers and hides available. 

MoonStruck Leather

American Made Men’s Concealed Carry Bags

Bul Bag

Made from 1000 denier, American Made Cordura & nylon, the lightweight ballistic utility bag is extremely durable and backed by a 30-year warranty. The CCW-compatible men’s bag is designed to be worn as a drop-leg utility bag, backpack, or chest rig. Keep your protection at the ready and look good doing it. Optional add-ons include a soft armor insert, a model-specific Kydex holster with click retention, and a CobraBelt two-layer belt. Choose from a variety of colors and prints including camo, black camo, green, gray, khaki, and more.

We are proudly made in America and stand by our products 100%.

Bul Bag

Men’s & Women’s CCW Bags Made in the USA

Coronado Leather

While many Coronado Leather bags are made in Mexico, they do have a selection of men’s and women’s USA-made CCW bags. The menu doesn’t have the option to get directly to CCW bags made in the USA so I found the best way to narrow it down is to use the search bar with the term “made in usa ccw bag”. At the time of this writing, CCW bags for men and women are marked “MADE IN USA” on the first line.

CCW Purse Holsters Made in the USA

Crossbreed Holsters

Adapt any handbag to a concealed or open carry handbag with a removable purse holster made in the USA from Crossbreed Holsters. Backed with military-grade hook Velcro, the holster can be attached, removed, and repositioned on any item for an incredibly stable hold. You’ll customize your American made purse holster to fit any manufacturer and model. Optional magazine holders are also available.

Visit the Crossbreed Holsters Amazon Store

Duluth Pack has been made in the USA since 1882 and is proudly the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the USA. Duluth Pack handcrafts the highest-quality premium American made canvas and leather concealed carry bags, handbags, purses, outdoorsman bags, and packs with a lifetime guarantee on both craftsmanship and hardware.

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Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite concealed carry bag, handbag, or purse made in the USA!

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Pin it! Concealed Carry Purses & Handbags Made in the USA

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