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Residential and Professional Fertilizer & Weed Sprayers

When it comes to caring for your lawn and garden, having high-quality tools is essential. That’s why choosing lawn and garden sprayers made in the USA is a smart choice. Not only are these sprayers built to last, but they also support American manufacturing and craftsmanship.

American-made lawn and garden sprayers are designed to meet the needs of homeowners who take pride in their outdoor spaces and professionals with a large workload. Whether you’re looking for a weed sprayer, fertilizer sprayer, or pump sprayer, you can trust that products made in the USA prioritize durability and performance. And by opting for a lawn and garden sprayer manufactured in the USA, you’re not just investing in a reliable tool, you’re also supporting the American economy and contributing to the growth of domestic manufacturing. So if you’re in the market for a new sprayer, choose one that proudly bears the “Made in USA” label.

American Made Lawn and Garden Sprayers


Chapin offers a huge selection of American-made residential and industrial wet and dry weed control, fertilizer, and turf sprayers, tree sprayers, garden sprayers, hose end sprayers, backpack sprayers, pump sprayers, and more. Chapin also manufactures salt and turf spreaders made in the USA. Other Chapin lawn and garden products like hose sprayers and sprinklers are imported.

Headquartered in western New York, Chapin is a US corporation that employs American workers in our factories and we are actively part of, and contribute to the local communities where we manufacture. And… the vast majority of Chapin products are made in the USA with global materials.


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Green Thumb

Green Thumb Stand-n-Spray and Super Garden Sprayer 3-gallon garden sprayers from True Value are made in the USA. Note that other True Value/Green Thumb sprayers are imported.


The Hoss garden sprayer is a durable handheld fertilizer, weed killer, pesticide, and pump sprayer that will outlast big box store sprayers. The American made pump sprayer has Viton® seals and gaskets, a brass wand, and the top of the container has a large, funnel-like opening to prevent spills during mixing and cleaning. The Hoss Garden Sprayer is available in 1 and gallon sizes.

Hoss garden tools, seed starting trays, and many other Hoss gardening products are also made in the USA.

Visit the Hoss Amazon Store


The Solo 425 and 475 4-gallon professional backpack sprayers are made in the USA (other sprayers are imported). the 425 and 475 , models have high-performance diaphragm or piston pumps, deluxe shoulder straps, and adjustable pressure nozzles.

See the 425 and 475 on Amazon

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