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Garden Sprinklers, Hose Sprayers, and Nozzles Made in the USA

Tired of those imported garden hose sprayers, nozzles, & sprinklers you get at big box stores breaking before the season ends? Me too! We have a convenient big box home improvement store about 2 miles from our house that doesn’t carry any garden hose nozzles made in the USA. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the mistake of buying an imported piece of junk because I needed it right now. They never last and I always have to replace it at least once, often twice in a season. (I did start saving receipts but still…what a pain.) Not anymore. This year I’m getting one of these high-quality garden hose sprayers made in the USA.

Garden hose sprayers and nozzles made in the USA are generally manufactured of heavy-duty brass or stainless steel but a few lightweight plastic options are also available. We even found an artist who makes lawn and garden art sprinklers!

American Made Sprinklers, Sprayers, & Nozzles

Lawn & Garden Sprinklers Made in the USA

Big Sprinkler

A variety of lawn sprinklers and irrigation products from Big Sprinkler are made in the USA including the impact sprinkler with weighted sled base and Sime Senior 2′ sprinkler. Big Sprinkler is a good source for hard-to-find commercial-grade sprinkler heads, pumps, and accessories.

Hoppy’s Garden Art

Beautiful and functional copper and brass garden art sprinklers that are mesmerizing to watch. Hoppy’s Garden Art Sprinklers are designed and handcrafted in the USA in Washington State. Each sprinkler is handmade so no 2 are alike. Watch the sprinkler twist, twirl, dance, and sparkle as it gently waters your plants and lawn.


Nelson oscillating sprinklers, traveling sprinklers, rotary sprinklers, whirling sprinklers, pulsating sprinklers, and stationary sprinklers are made in the USA in Walla Walla, Washington by the Nelson Irrigation Corporation.

Shop Nelson Sprinklers on Amazon

Sprinkler Buddy

Sprinkler Buddy is the original pop-up lawn sprinkler head for use on underground sprinklers and sprinkler systems. It’s long-lasting, holds up in freezing temperatures, and requires less maintenance than foreign competitor sprinkler heads. It won’t crack, sink, or chip like concrete sprinkler donuts and it doesn’t get dislodged or float away like other plastic sprinkler donuts. Sprinkler Buddy is veteran-owned and made in the USA.

Visit the Sprinkler Buddy Amazon Store

Garden Hose Sprayers & Nozzles Made in the USA


Dramm manufactures brass garden hose nozzles, plastic water breaker nozzles, aluminum watering nozzles, shut-off valves, watering cans, garden hoses, and other watering tools made in the USA. Note that not all Dramm products are American made.

Visit the Dramm Amazon Store


The Herco made in the USA garden hose nozzle features a heavy-duty patented design that is simple to operate and has a protective rubber bumper with just one moving part.

See it on Amazon

Little Big Shot

The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is made in the USA and assembled by United States veterans through the Compensated Work Therapy Program that provides disabled veterans with work opportunities.

Delivering 40% more force than the Water Jet™ power washer with 40% less water volume (GPM) than the classic pistol nozzle, the Little Big Shot combined with a Perma-Washer™ will not leak up to 60 PSI in the fully closed position.

See it on Amazon


Made with heavy-duty brass and proven to be leakproof, the Nyist garden hose spray nozzle is a non-breakable, plastic and rubber-free, high-pressure sweeper nozzle that adjusts from a mist to a jet stream.

BUY AMERICAN QUALITY! Proudly Made here in the USA by a US company!


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The American made Orrco brass hose nozzle is easily adjustable from a light spray to a strong pressure and is made of heavy-duty solid brass that won’t crack or break.

Made 100% in the U.S.A. – Sourced, Manufactured, and Assembled in the United States!


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Tri-Con has been making heavy-duty metal garden hose sprayers and other industrial-strength sprayers for nearly 100 years. The garden hose sprayers fit standard ¾-inch garden hoses and are made with commercial-grade materials engineered to withstand hard daily use.

Proudly Made & MFG in Cleveland, OH by Clevelands Own for 96 Yrs.


Hose End Weed Control Sprayers


The chemical-resistant Chapin wet/dry 32 oz. hose-end sprayer works with water-soluble granules and liquid concentrates. It has an easy-to-set dial for ounces, tablespoons, or teaspoons and has a 4-position nozzle and backflow preventer. Chapin also manufactures turf spreaders made in the USA. Other Chapin lawn and garden products like hose nozzles and sprinklers are imported.

Headquartered in western New York, Chapin is a US corporation that employs American workers in our factories and we are actively part of, and contribute to the local communities where we manufacture. And… the vast majority of Chapin products are made in the USA with global materials.


See it on Amazon

Visit the Chapin Amazon Store

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite American made garden hose sprayer, sprinkler, or nozzle!

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Pin it! Garden Hose Sprayers Made in the USA

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