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American Made Rakes, Shovels, Hoes, Hand Tools, and More

Nothing beats the quality and craftsmanship of lawn and garden tools made in the USA. From shovels to rakes, cultivators to hoes, American-made gardening and landscaping tools are durable, reliable, and support jobs here at home!

Next time you’re looking to upgrade your lawn and garden arsenal, opt for USA-made gardening tools – a choice that benefits both you as a consumer and the community as a whole. Let’s support homegrown craftsmanship and enjoy the superior quality that comes with products proudly stamped “Made in USA”.

Landscaping & Gardening Tools Made in the USA


AMES was established in 1774 so they’ve been making farm and garden tools in the USA before we were even the USA. How about that!

AMES has an extensive product line of long and short-handled lawn and garden lawn tools made in the USA. You probably have some American-made AMES tools already.

Visit the AMES Amazon Store

Bully Tools

Bully Tools has been making quality lawn tools made in the USA at their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Steubenville, OH since 1994. The Bully Tools product line offers everything you need to manage your lawn and garden including shovels, rakes, spades, and garden tools. Bully Tools also manufactures snow shovels made in the USA.

By committing ourselves to staying 100% Made In The USA, our company and our customers will always benefit in the most positive ways. This includes strengthening our country’s economy, providing jobs and fair wages to employees, conserving the environment without the use of overseas transportation, and bringing you the highest quality products available on the market. We extend our thanks to everyone supporting 100% Made In The USA products!

Bully Tools

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The original CobraHead and mini weeder and cultivator are American-made in Wisconsin. The tools are designed to weed, cultivate, scalp, edge, dig, furrow, plant, transplant, de-thatch, and harvest. The pocket-sized mini can fit into tight spaces other cultivators can’t.

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Diggit original multi-purpose garden tools, duck garden tool, hori hori, and other garden tools are all 100% made in the USA. The palm friendly handles are weather resistent and bright so they wont get lost and have stainless steel blades that wont rust with holes for hanging.

EZ Haul Carts

EZ Haul Carts have been made in the USA since 1985. The 5.5 cubic foot garden cart has a load capacity of 250 lbs and 14″ flat-proof wheelbarrow tires.


Florian ratchet-cut pruners have a carbon steel blade with a non-stick coating that keeps the blade cleaner and fiberglass-reinforced nylon resin handles available in lots of bright colors, pastels, and prints. There is even an American flag pruner. They’re made the USA in Lenox, Illinois

Garden Works

Garden Works classic soil scoops, potting scoops, claw cultivators, angle weeder, and tiger trowel are made in the USA along with a handful of other gardening tools. Not all Garden Works products are American-made.

Shop Garden Works Soil & Potting Scoops on Amazon

Garrett Wade

Garrett Wade carries American made landscaping and gardening tools that include Grandpa’s weeders, a farmer’s dagger, pruners, a digging fork, spades, all-purpose shovels, a hand claw, a root cutter, and other gardening and landscaping tools. Garrett Wade also carries hand tools, stoneware serving bowls, dust mops, and a range of other products made in the USA. Garrett Wade even carries a USA-made vacuum cleaner. Not everything at Wade Garrett is American made so search “made in the USA” to narrow it down.

When it’s time to add a new tool to your collection, choose Garrett Wade to find premium products made right here in the United States.

Garrett Wade

See More Garden Tools at Garrett Wade


Hoedag long and short-handle premium garden tools are handcrafted in the USA. Hoedag hand rakes, hand shovels, hand hoes, and other gardening tools are made with carbon steel blades that are heat-treated for exceptional strength and toughness, and the handles are made from seasoned hardwood but light enough to use with comfort and ease.

Matt Coleman makes each Hoedag tool by hand in Lewiston, Idaho U.S.A. 



Hoss manufactures and carries long and short-handled lawn and garden tools made in the USA that include hand shovels and rakes, bed rakes, cultivators, row makers, garden spades, hoes, garden forks, and other digging, hoeing, and cultivating garden tools. Hoss garden sprayers, seed starting trays, and many other Hoss gardening products are also made in the USA.

Visit the Hoss Amazon Store


The ProPlugger is a 5-in-1, multi-use garden tool that saves your back and your knees. Just step, twist, and pull when your ready to plant. The depth rings give you consistent 2 1/8 inch diameter 2″, 4″ and 6″ deep holes Dig one after another quickly and easily while standing up. It’s made in the USA and going in my shopping cart immediately!

See the ProPlugger on Amazon

Red Pig Garden Tools

Hand-forged garden tools made in the USA in the Portland, Oregon area. Originals include digging tools, cultivators, hoes, planting tools, weeders, and pruning tools. Red Pig Garden Tools will also make custom gardening tools.

We are the only blacksmiths in the United States specializing in hand-forged garden tools for home gardeners, nurserymen, landscapers, and farmers.

Red Pig Garden Tools

Rogue Hoe

Every Rogue Hoe is made in the USA with high-grade tempered steel recycled from agricultural disc blades and is designed to last a lifetime. Products include large and small hoes, flat hoes, field hoes, rake hoes, hand hoes, and more.

Each hoe is hand-crafted – 100% made in the USA – from recycled agricultural disc blades.

Rogue Hoe

Shop Rogue Hoe on Amazon

The American Garden Tool Co.

Garden rakes, hoes, spades, shovels, forks, and hand tools are just a few of the lawn and garden tools made in the USA that you’ll find at the 3rd generation owned and operated American Garden Tool Co.

Always American-made. Always high-quality.

The American Garden Tool Co.

True Temper

True Temper by AMES offers a full line of lawn tools and garden tools made in the USA from rakes and shovels to wheelbarrows and carts. According to Wikipedia, 85% of the wheelbarrows sold in the USA and Canada are made in the USA by True Temper. True Temper even makes garden, lawn, and landscaping tools for children.

Visit the True Temper Amazon Store

Weed Ox

The Weed Ox by Black River Tools Inc. features a durable steel neck and blade with efficient cutting angles built-in so there is less stress on your body when working the garden.

Weed Ox Division – Black River Tools Inc. – Manning SC
Manufacturers of the finest garden hoes in the USA!

Black River Tools Inc.

Wilcox All-Pro Tools

Wilcox All-Pro Tools manufactures digging hoes, garden trowels, weeders, and other gardening hand tools designed to last for life, unlike imported big box store garden tools. If your gardening tool breaks under normal circumstances, Wilcox All-Pro Tools will replace it.

Our American-made tools are built to last a lifetime and are backed with a lifetime guarantee!

Wilcox All-Pro Tools

Visit the Wilcox All-Pro Tools Amazon Store

WW Manufacturing Co. Inc.

WW Manufacturing Co. Inc. has been making King of Spades and Lesche Products long-handled nursery, landscaping, farm, and garden tools for more than 50 years. The American made gardening tool product line includes spades, shovels, garden carts, and other lawn tools made in the USA.

Shop Select WW MFG Co. Inc. Tools on Amazon

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite American made lawn and garden tools!

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