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Residential and Commercial Tillers and Cultivators

I don’t know much about cultivators and tillers made in the USA (especially those fancy farm tillers) except that we need one. My old cultivator is about 25 years old and while it’s still running, it’s way too small for my gardens that keep getting bigger and bigger. It does the job but Don’s arms are pretty useless for days after. I’m usually a no-till gardener so the occasions when we need a tiller are few and far between. But boy when we need it, we need it. If you buy one of these American made tillers, can I just borrow yours every 5 years or so?

American Made Cultivators and Tillers

Dirt Dog

Dirt Dog gear-driven forward and reverse rotary tillers are built in Commerce, Georgia, and are available in 5′, 6′, and 7′ wide options. The side-driven gearbox is housed in an all-welded steel frame and the spring-loaded parking stand makes it easy to hitch and unhitch.

We pride ourselves on being American made, and offering a quality product at a competitive price.

Dirt Dog


Earthquake lightweight residential garden cultivators, front-tine tillers, and rear-tine tillers are made in the USA in Cumberland, Wisconsin. Earthquake also makes augers and accessories.

We are real people living in northern Wisconsin, designing, manufacturing and marketing tilling and hole-drilling equipment and related products. 


Visit the Earthquake Amazon Store

King Kutter

King Kutter standard and sub-compact 4′, 5′ 6′, and 7′ gear drive rotary tillers are Manufactured in Winfield, AL. The tillers are available in multiple color options.

Land Pride

Land Pride rotary tillers are made for subcompact tractors and designed to till soil for seed beds and planting preparation in residential landscaping areas, small nurseries, gardens, and small hobby farms.

Our full line of Rotary Tillers are American made and provide quality results to fit your every need, large or small.

Merry Tiller

Merry Tiller residential walk-behind mid-tine rototillers from MacKissic are made in the USA with forward-rotating tines, a standard tilling width of 26″, and a tilling depth of 12″.


Mantis gas-powered garden tillers and cultivators are made in the USA. Mantis also manufactures composters made in the USA. Other products are imported.

Visit the Mantis Amazon Store

Maxim MFG

Maxim’s American-made professional and homeowner-grade landscape tillers, now a part of Great Northern Equipment come out of Rogers, Minnesota. The Maxim product line also includes plug and spike aerators.

GNE is proud to carry on the Maxim legacy in the manufacturing, development, and support of this outstanding assortment of products.

Great Northern Equipment

Power Dog

The Power Dog from Kuhn’s Power Equipment is a commercial tiller made in the USA featuring a hydrostat drive with forward and reverse controls integrated into the handlebar, and powered by a Honda engine.

Made by hand, in rural Nappanee, Indiana the Power Dog by Kuhns Power Equipment LLC is the poster child MADE IN USA product.

Kuhn’s Power Equipment

Woods Equipment

Woods Equipment manufactures forward and reverse rotation rotary tillers in multiple widths with adjustable skid shoes, tapered tailgate, and gear-driven side drives.

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite American made tiller or cultivator!

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