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What is the FMAA?

The FMAA, or Flag Manufacturers Association of America is a non-profit trade association that was established in 2003 to bring United States flag manufacturers and suppliers together in an effort to educate the public of the importance of United States flags being made in the USA. In addition, the FMAA works to teach Americans about the proper use of the United States flag. The FMAA is currently comprised of manufacturers and industry members who believe in keeping Old Glory Made in the U.S.A.

What is the Mission of the FMAA?

The FMAA believes the United States flag should be made with materials created and sourced in America, passed through the hands of American employees, and produced in factories on American soil.

The efforts of the FMAA include promoting the quality, variety, and proper use of flags manufactured in the United States and recently, lobbying for stricter enforcement of our government’s current labeling laws.

FMAA U.S. Flag Certification

The FMAA established a certification program to raise awareness of the quality and value of the products manufactured by American flagmakers and offer assurance to customers that they are purchasing a United States flag that was made in the USA. Look for the FMAA logo to be sure your United States flag, or the U.S. flag you are considering was made in the USA.


Only the FMAA “Certified Made in the U.S.A.” certification seal assures consumers that their flag was made in the U.S.A. with domestic resources and labor and that the manufacturing process is continually monitored by a professional association and its domestic members.


FMAA Certified Retailers

FMAA Certified Retailers have agreed to only distribute US flags that have been FMAA Certified. When you see the FMAA “Certified Made in the USA” seal on an American flag you can be confident that every step of the manufacturing process has been completed using domestic materials in US facilities with US labor. It is required that FMAA retailers are recertified every year.

The requirements to be an FMAA certified retailer include that all of the following steps take place in the United States; the yarn is woven into fabric, the fabric is dyed, printed or bleached, the fabric is cut, assembled, sewn, finished and packaged, and all production processes are completed in United States facilities.

Where to Purchase FMAA Certified United States Flags

FMAA certified U.S. flags can be purchased from FMAA certified flag manufacturers and from independent retailers online and in stores. Many FMAA members have Amazon stores. We’ve listed a few below. See our full American Made Brand Directory of United States flags here.

FMAA Certified U.S Flag Retailers & Manufacturers

American Flags

American Flags carries an extensive selection of American made U.S. flags including indoor and outdoor flags, desk and classroom flags, nylon flags, polyester flags, embroidered flags, wall flags, casket flags, and many other American flag styles. Additionally, American Flags carries POW/MIA flags, a wide selection of bunting and decor flags, military flags, political flags, and much more.

All of our traditional American flags are proudly made in America following the US flag code specifications and proportions.

American Flags

See More at American Flags

Annin Flagmakers

We produce over 4,000 products, all manufactured in the United States.

Choose from durable polyester for all weather, high wind display, premium nylon for year-round display

Polycotton for seasonal display

Annin Flagmakers has been making the US Flag since 1847 and is the oldest and largest flag manufacturer in the United States. We have the highest-quality products, broadest product line, largest inventory, best customer service, highest fill rates, and the greatest production capacity in the industry.

Annin Flagmakers

Visit the Official Annin Flagmakers Amazon Store

Find on: Amazon / Walmart

Gettysburg Flag Works

Gettysburg Flag Works offers an extensive collection of made in the USA United States flags, flag poles, and hardware.

Call us crazy, but we think American flags should be made in America – which is why every American flag that is sold and shipped by Gettysburg Flag Works is manufactured right here in the USA. 

Gettysburg Flag Works

Visit the Official Gettysburg Flag Works Amazon Store

Find on: Amazon

Grace Alley

Embroidered nylon flags in 2×3 through 6×10 sizes. Grace Alley also offers Betsy Ross flags.

We believe Old Glory should never be made anywhere but in America. You’ll love that our flags are handmade with pride in America by our American workers. We have warehouses across the United States.

Grace Alley

Visit the Official Grace Alley Amazon Store

Find on: Amazon

Rushmore Rose USA

All of Rushmore Rose USA products are made by local US citizens on home soil. 

We are a small, family-run company with a love for America. We want to make sure the flag that you purchase is genuine, high-quality and 100% made in the USA. At Rushmore Rose USA, we are proud of our FMAA certification, the stellar quality of our flags, and the One-Year Warranty that comes with all of our American flags, flag poles, and accessories.

Rushmore Rose USA

Visit the Official Rushmore Rose USA Amazon Store

Find on: Amazon / Walmart

Valley Forge Flags

United States flags offered in a variety of fabric material, styles and sizes.

It is Valley Forge Flag’s philosophy and practice that U.S. flags are made entirely of domestic materials and that each process in manufacturing the flag is accomplished in U.S. facilities with U.S. labor. Valley Forge is proud to join other American manufacturers as a founding member of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA). 

Valley Forge USA

Visit the Official Valley Forge Flags Amazon Store

Find on: Amazon / Walmart

To learn more about the FMAA, visit the Flag Manufacturers Association of America.

Flag Display Cases

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Pin it! FMAA Certified Flags

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