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Snow Shovels, Snow Pushers, Sidewalk Scrapers, and Roof Rakes

Ugh, snow! It’s so pretty in December but it quickly loses it’s charm after the holidays. I live in Ohio and I’m from Michigan so snow has been par for the course half the year all my life. If I ever get that John Deere with a plow I’m dreaming of, maybe I’ll never see another snow shovel again. In the meantime, snow shovels made in the USA gets the job done. Again and again and again. Haha.

American Made Snow Shovels, Pushers, Scrapers, & More


American made roof rakes and roof snow removal systems that are designed to make getting snow off the edges of shingled, architectural asphalt, shake, tile, metal, and solar panel roofs easy and efficient. The fiberglass handle extends to 15 1/2 feet on both the snow rake and the system. It’s also great for buses and RV’s.

Proudly made in the USA.


Visit the Avalanche Amazon Store

Bully Tools

Bully Tools has been making quality lawn tools and snow shovels made in the USA since 1994. The Bully Tools winter product line includes snow pushers, snow scoops, sidewalk scrapers, and ice choppers. Bully Tools also manufactures American made lawn and garden tools.

What do we mean by 100%? All of our products and product materials are made right here in the USA, and assembled by American workers out of our state-of-the-art facilities in-house manufacturing plant in Steubenville, Ohio!

Bully Tools

Visit the Bully Tools Amazon Store

Mount Waldo

Mount Waldo Plastics offers seven different models of snow shovels, scoops, pushers, and roof rakes. Every handle and shovel blade is injection molded at their manufacturing facility in Frankfort, Maine. They even offer a full line of pink snow shovels. Push your snow with pink and a portion goes to fight breast cancer.

There will be no mistake. Everyone who touches one of our shovels will know it was made in Maine and crafted with the quality that only Mainers can deliver.

Michael Thibodeau, Owner

Polar Pusher

The Marshalltown Polar Pusher snow shovel has a UHMW blade that is water, wear, and impact-resistant, ergonomically pitched for faster pushing, and safe to use on multiple surfaces.

Shop Marshalltown Polar Pushers on Amazon

Polar Tech

The Polar Tech product line offers residential and commercial snow pushers and snow shovels in multiple sizes from about 20 inches to 48 inches wide. The snow shovels are made with a high-density polymer and a non-stick blade 7 times more durable than aluminum. Polar Tech also manufactures ice melt and salt spreaders made in the USA.

We build quality into our products utilizing the finest American materials and talent.

Polar Tech

Visit the Polar Tech Amazon Store


Rugg Manufacturing got its start in 1842 manufacturing wooden hay rakes in Massachusettes. Today the product line includes a a variety of snow shovels made in the USA with aluminum and steel handles sourced from domestic manufacturers. Rugg even makes a kid’s snow shovel.

All of our snow tools are 100% manufactured in the United States.


Shop Rugg Snow Shovels on Amazon

Sno Go Shovels

The Sno Go shovel has an innovative t-handle design that allows you to push up to 50% faster and use the shovel as both a snow shovel and a snow scoop.

Sno go Shovels sells the highest quality of snow pusher shovels that are Made in the USA!

Sno Go Shovels

The SnowPlow

The SnowPlow by JM Enterprises is the original snow pusher. It’s available in multiple widths from 18″ to 48″ and is offered in both one and two-handle models. It has a polyethylene blade sourced in the USA and a Tuffbrace handle connector system. J&M also manufactures a snow grader made in the USA.

All of our materials are Made in the USA, not just labeled or repackaged here.

JM Enterprises

Visit the J&M Amazon Store

True Temper

True Temper by AMES offers a full line of snow and ice removal tools from snow shovels and pushers to scratch-free snow brushes and telescoping roof rakes. True Temper even makes a children’s snow shovel that looks just like mom and dads.

Visit the True Temper Amazon Store

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite American made snow shovels!

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