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Made in the USA Patriotic Jewelry & Accessories

My favorite time of year to wear patriotic jewelry made in the USA is on Independence Day. But don’t save your Americana accessories just for the 4th of July. The stars and stripes are always in style, especially on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, and other patriotic national holidays.

American made patriotic jewelry is also nice for special occasions like veterans ceremonies and welcoming our soldiers home from deployment. What are some other times you like to wear patriotic jewelry and accessories? Do you have a favorite piece?

My favorite piece of patriotic jewelry is a little handmade red, white, and blue beaded ring that my son got me at a garage sale for 10 cents when he was 9 years old. Yes, I still have it today and he is 30 years old! I’ve been known for loving the stars and stripes for as long as anyone can remember. So much so that my 9-year-old little boy saw that little patriotic ring and just had to buy it for his mommy. <3

American Made Patriotic Jewelry & Accessories

Patriotic Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Pins, and Other Americana Jewelry

Alex + Ani

Bracelets, necklaces, charms, and other jewelry made in the USA in Rhode Island. Patriotic designs include Land that I Love, the American flag on peace sign language, USA flag with red, white, and blue crystals, American flag heart, and licensed Peanuts/Snoopy Hooray USA.

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American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack

Authentic Southwestern jewelry made with gemstones and recycled silver in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The Red, White, and Blue Collection features American flag rings, red white, and blue bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and pendants using Red Coral, Blue Lapis, and White Mother of Pearl Chip.

Our exclusive artisanal jewelry is handmade of 92.5% recycled Sterling Silver using environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices since 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

American West Jewelry

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Apples of Gold

Apples of Gold carries a wide range of American-made Americana and patriotic jewelry for men and women. Pieces include American flag, eagle, and Liberty Bell pendants, USA, One Nation Under God, and God Bless America lapel pins, and even an eagle Zippo lighter.

Apples of Gold Jewelry is also proud of the fact that most of our jewelry is either made or assembled in the U.S.A. (we only purchase from with American suppliers). Of course, our gems and diamonds are mined across the globe, but our gemstones and diamonds are all set locally and the precious metals are manufactured in the U.S.A. by local, American craftsman.

Apples of Gold

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Dogeared fine American-made jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry made in the USA with 14K gold, pearls, and diamonds. Patriotic jewelry selections include a star ring and star necklace charm.

Dogeared jewelry is made with love in the U.S.A.


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Elizabeth Cole

Elizabeth Cole’s made in the USA jewelry collection includes these adorable triple heart drops made with Austrian crystals.

Elizabeth Cole collections offer feminine, glamorous jewelry that is thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted by artisans in the United States.

Elizabeth Cole

See other select styles on Amazon

Fenton Glass Jewelry

Fenton glass jewelry is proudly handcrafted in the USA. Charm bracelets and bangles, spacers and stoppers, necklaces, rings, earrings, and other glass jewelry. Patriotic charm bracelet includes the braided red bracelet along with Red, White, and Woo Hoo, God Bless America, Sparklers, Proud to Be American, Waving Glory, Liberty, Democrat, Republican, Support Our Troops, and Blue Crystal Spacer charms.

All of our glass jewelry are proudly designed and produced by talented artisans in America.

Fenton Glass Jewelry

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Flag Shirt

If you bleed red…and white and blue, Flag Shirt offers a selection of patriotic jewelry made in the USA. Ear wires are made of stainless steel. Along with jewelry and other accessories, you’ll find American-made patriotic hoodies, hats, polos for men and women, tees, beach towels, and much more.

See More at Flag Shirt

Green Tree Jewelry

The pictured 4th of July Star Earrings are made with wood by a small family-run business in California along with Liberty Bell Earrings and other fun patriotic jewelry made in the USA.

Green Tree Jewelry is an American laser-craft small family business with a sustainable mission that designs and makes all products in California.  

Green Tree Jewelry

John Medeiros

Thinking outside the box of red, white, and blue jewelry, John Medeiros has some really pretty CZ star bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and charms.

Hand made in the United States with intricate, hand-carved detailing on the front, sides, and back.

John Medeiros

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Liberty Cottage Design

Liberty Cottage Design makes handcrafted faith-based and patriotic jewelry. Patriotic jewelry selections include argentium silver necklaces, charms, and earrings hand-stamped with 1776, Freedom, Patriot, We the People, and more.

We are proudly a small family Patriotic business. All products are handmade in USA and made to order with exceptional customer service. We support freedom and liberty, in an industry full of big corporations and censorship

Liberty Cottage Design

Luca + Danni

Choose a gold or silver band on the pictured Americana crystal heart bangle bracelet or see other patriotic jewelry, including a red, white, and blue gemstone bracelet on Amazon.

From our family to yours, handcrafted jewelry born in the U.S.A.

Luca + Danni

Visit the Official Luca + Danni Amazon Store

Sienna Sky Earrings

These adorable American flag earrings are handmade in the USA in Colorado. The wires are sterling silver and they are approx 1.5 inches long from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the earring. The perfect 4th of July earrings!

Find at: Walmart

See other styles on: Amazon

Sweethearts and Crafts

Sweethearts and Crafts makes handcrafted paper-quilled jewelry in Chicago. Marissa has a few selections of red, white, and blue pieces that are perfect for Independence Day or any other day when you’re feeling particularly patriotic. Her jewelry collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Men’s American-Made Patriotic Jewelry

Grit Gear Apparel

Grit Gear Apparel’s leather bracelet cuffs and key fobs coordinate well with their line of patriotic t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and other patriot wear for men and women.

I wanted to make sure that I used as much as USA made products that I could find to put my designs on. Right now ALL our apparel (textile) is USA made and printed in the the great state of Ohio. My wife and I spent months going through different apparel companies to find the best quality tees to print on and being American Made.

Grit Gear Apparel

JJ Weston

Men’s Americana cuff links, tie tacks, money clips, and other patriotic accessories are made in the USA in Rhode Island. Styles include both straight and wavy American flags in a choice of gold or silver.

At JJ Weston we pride ourselves in making our cufflinks right here in here in America. Since 1992 JJ Weston has imagined, created and designed our cufflinks in Rhode Island.

JJ Weston

Shop JJ Weston on Amazon

USA Made Patriotic Key Chains, Fobs, and Key Bars

Freedom Fatigues

Freedom Fatigues manufactures 100% made in the USA patriotic tactical key chains and key bars along with patriot t-shirts, patriotic hats & caps, women’s and men’s t-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories.

We believe in doing our part in supporting American manufacturing even if it means it costs us more.

Freeedom Fatiques

Nine Line Apparel

Made in the USA American flag or Pledge of Allegiance titanium key bar from Nine Line Apparel comes with stainless steel screws, washers, and O ring multi-tools.

We employ over 200 hard working Americans and print all our hoodies right at our headquarters in Savannah, GA. Stop by some time and see us in action!

Nine Line Apparel

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USA made multi-functional leather, steel-plate, and heavy-duty nylon webbed everyday gear that is built to last. The Original 2.0 Patriot Edition wallet features a laser-engraved flag of the United States of America.

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Pin it! Patriotic Jewelry Made in the USA

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