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Coffee Made in the USA

There are just two places in the United States with the climate necessary for growing 100% made in the USA coffee; Hawaii and the United States territory of Puerto Rico.

Kona coffee is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii with very specific methods for growing and processing. It is Hawaii’s second most valuable commodity with 6,900 acres of land used for growing coffee and an annual production of more than 27 million pounds (2019-2020). Hawaii is also known for tea grown in the USA.

There are over 2000 coffee bean farms in Puerto Rico generally producing commercial-grade coffee made from Limaní Arabica coffee beans. Most coffee farms in Puerto Rico are family-owned. Only a few growers make premium and specialty coffee in Puerto Rico.

A number of coffee plantations in both Hawaii and Puerto Rico offer tours. You can see the list of Hawaii plantation tours here.

100% Kona Coffee

USA Grown Coffee Brands

Coffee Grown in Hawaii

Bad Ass Coffee

Bad Ass Coffee offers light, medium, and dark roast coffee, and a variety of styles including 100% Hawaiian, signature blends, flavored, decaf, and organic. Bad Ass Coffee also makes tea grown in Hawaii.

Big Island Coffee Roasters

Award-winning farm-to-door, roasted to order, green Hawaiian, and Kona coffee made in the USA. Choose from Maui Mellow, Hawaiian Harmony, Bright & Sweet, Dark & Deep, Kona Peaberry, Maui Mokka, Kona Moon, Ka’u Morning Glory, and many other varieties. Big Island Coffee Roasters offers bundles and gift selections.

Blue Horse

Whole bean, ground, and single-serve 100% Arabica bean Kona coffee made in the USA that is grown sustainably and responsibly with a dedication to the farmers, community, and customers.

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Carta Coffee Merchants

Carta Coffee Merchants believes that the first step to creating a flavorful and aromatic coffee is to nurture the soil on its 6 acres of sloping farmland. Each small batch of hand-harvested coffee reflects the flavors and culture of Kona, Hawaii. Choose from Meridian Roast, Captains Roast, Peaberry, and other varieties. Carta Coffee Merchants also offers a subscription delivery service. Choose your style, number of bags, and how often you’d like your coffee delivered. And if you’re on the island, you’re invited to tour the farm.

See More at Carta Coffee Merchants

Hawaiian Queen Coffee

Award-winning 100% Kona coffee made in the USA offered in Estate, Private Reserve, Peaberry, and Extra Fancy varieties freshly roasted directly from the 160-acre farm on the slopes of Hualalai, Kona Hawaii.

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Holualoa Kona Coffee

Certified organic coffee grown on a plantation in Hawaii where they are committed to using only organic farming methods. Even the coffee cherry skins and parchment husk by-products produced by the mill are composted and returned to the orchards to build new soil. You’re invited to tour Holualoa Kona Coffee Company’s farm in Holualoa, Hawaii.

Hula Daddy

Medium and dark roast small-batch Kona grown and processed coffee made in the USA direct from the plantation. Varieties include Hula Daddy Kahiko, Kona Espresso, and Karen J Red Bourbon.

Heavenly Hawaiian

100% Kona coffee grown, processed, and roasted on the Big Island hills of Holualoa. Varieties include silk, bold, peaberry, and sweet. Heavenly Hawaiian offers farm tours too.

Kauai Coffee

Kauai is America’s largest coffee grower with over 4 million coffee trees grown on 3,100 acres. Kauai Coffee employs sustainable, environmentally sound practices throughout every step of the process from growing the coffee to roasting and packaging. Kauai invites you to visit the estate and take a tour.

Our 100% Hawaiian Coffee has earned the unique distinction of being triple certified by leading sustainability advocates, including Fair Trade USA®, the Rainforest Alliance, and Non-GMO Project.

Kauai Coffee

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Koa Coffee

Ground and whole bean Hawaiian coffee in a large variety of flavors and styles in medium and dark roasts. Choose from Peaberry, Private Reserve, Swiss Water, Estate Kona, or others. Or select a sample pack to find your favorite Koa coffee.

See More at Koa Coffee

Kona Joe

Sun-ripened fruit is always sweeter so Kona Joe grows their coffee on a trellis using the same techniques as the world’s best winemakers. Kona Joe has been producing Kona coffee and offering tours of the plantation for over 25 years. Various roasts, grind styles, and package sizes are available.

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Lion Coffee

Lion coffee originated in Toledo, OH in 1864 before moving to Hawaii in 1979. Unique Hawaiian flavors include toasted coconut and vanilla macadamia with classic 100% Kona coffee styles available too.

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Maui Coffee Co.

100% Hawaiian Kona coffee, Kauai coffee, Hawaiian blends, Maui blends, decaffeinated coffee, flavored coffees, and specialty Hawaiian tea.

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Mountain Thunder

Mountain Thunder is a grower, processor, and roaster of 100% Kona Coffee including private reserve, premium, expresso roast, and organic coffee. All Mountain Thunder Kona coffee beans are hand-picked, mechanically and optically sorted and then small-batch roasted to ensure that only the best coffee will reach the customers.

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Royal Kona Coffee

Royal Kona Coffee has been roasting coffee for royalty since 1969. Varieties include 100% Kona coffee and flavored Kona blends. Coffee types include medium roast, medium-dark roast, French roast, decaf, and limited-release coffee. Royal Kona Coffee invites you to visit the coffee center.

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Sustainably grown, hand-harvested, small batch roasted Kona coffee varieties including signature roast, peaberry, 100% Kona grown, and more.

Ueshima Coffee Company

Estate-grown and island-select 100% Kona coffee, extra fancy Kona coffee, peaberry coffee, and Kona dark roast varieties grown carefully on the rich soil of the Big Island along the western slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualala. Ueshima Coffee Company invites you to tour their beautiful 26-acre Kona Coffee Estate in Holualoa, HI.

Waialua Estate

Waialua Estate produces both 100% Hawaiian coffee and chocolates on Oahu. The coffee and cacao is grown on a former sugar plantation in volcanic-rich soil. Waialua Estate coffee is mellow, medium body, with a hint of chocolate.

100% Kona Coffee

Coffee Grown in Puerto Rico

Alto Grande

Alto Grande is called the coffee of popes and kings and has been the premium Puerto Rican coffee brand since 1839. The 100% Arabica coffee comes in whole beans, ground coffee, single-serve pods, and expresso capsules.

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Café Crema

Medium roast, finely ground coffee with intense flavors high grown in the mountain town of Lares.

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Café Hacienda San Pedro

AA grade, super-premium, whole bean peaberry coffee hand-picked on the Tres Picachos mountain.

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Café La Finca

100% Arabica coffee grown on a fourth-generation farm and still hand-picked and made with the same artisanal care today as it was 4 generations ago.

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Café Lareño

Made from sun-dried coffee beans harvested in the mountain town of Lares, Café Lareño is a small family business owned by fourth-generation coffee growers.

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Cafe ORO de Puerto Rico

Ground coffee, coffee beans, and instant coffee for discerning palettes and packaged in metallic packaging to preserve the flavor.

We care about our people, thanks to their purchase today we employ more than 300 Puerto Ricans, thus contributing to the economic development of the mountain region and the livelihood of the families who live there.

Cafe ORO de Puerto Rico

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Café Rico

A medium, dark-roast, bold, and aromatic coffee made in the USA territory of Puerto Rico and available in regular whole beans or ground, decaf, instant, and expresso.

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Established in 1896, Yaucono is Puerto Rico’s most beloved coffee. Yaucono offers whole bean, expresso capsules, and single-serve pods that are compatible with Keurig coffee makers.

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