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I remember going to a potato chip factory on a class trip when I was in elementary school. I thought it was the neatest thing when they gave us a bag of potato chips. There aren’t many potato chip factory tours anymore but we did find a few. Most of them are in Pennsylvania where you can also see pretzels and other snack foods being made.

Snack Food and Potato Chip Factory Tours in the USA

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Visit an American Potato Chip or Snack Food Factory

Pennsylvania Potato Chip & Snack Foods Factory Tours

Hammond’s | Lancaster, PA

Hammond’s does not offer guided factory tours. However, they invite visitors to peer in the windows along the building where you to watch them hand-twist the pretzels. In addition, you can see the pretzels rolling out of the oven, watch them being packaged, and purchase them warm in the factory store.

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Herr’s | Nottingham, PA

The Herr’s Snack Factory tour is a blend of entertainment & education. A personal guide teaches the ins and outs of making potato chips, pretzels, and other snack foods.

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Julius Sturgis Pretzel Factory | Lititz, PA

25-minute tours of the original pretzel factory with a hands-on lesson in pretzel twisting using a flour & water mixture. You’ll also get to observe bakers twisting old-fashioned soft pretzels by hand and shop for delicious treats and souvenirs in the bakery store.

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Martin’s Snacks | Thomasville, PA

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Martin’s Snacks headquarters and factory in Thomasville, Pennsylvania.

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Revonah Pretzels | Hanover, PA

Revonah makes soft pretzels fresh every day from their own sourdough recipe. The pretzels are baked to perfection in an old hearth brick and stone oven then slowly dried in a heated kiln for the perfect crunch.

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UTZ Chip Trip Tour | Hanover, PA

See how the potato chips are made in a 600,000-square-foot facility. UTZ potato chip factory tours are self-guided and about 30-45 minutes.

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Virginia Potato Chip & Snack Foods Factory Tours

Route 11 Potato Chips | Mt Jackson, VA

Big windows in the retail store allow visitors to view the entire process of making the potato chips. The factory is open to the public Mon-Sat, 9-5.

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