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Classic Children’s Christmas Gifts That Are Made in the USA!

Oh, the nostalgia! With a little help from our elves, we’ve had a lot of fun putting together this list of American-made classic Christmas gifts for kids. We bet Santa brought you some of these for Christmas when you were a child!

Have a Very Merry American Made and Old Fashioned Christmas!

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American Made Classic Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Old Favorite Christmas Presents You Remember From Childhood

Authentic American Toys, Games, & Puzzles

When was the last time you’ve seen a group of boys shooting a game of marbles or a gathering of girls skipping jacks? Channel Craft still offers these classic children’s games in retro-styled tins perfect for both wrapping and stocking stuffing. That’s not all though! Channel Craft offers a full line of classic toys that are made in the USA from boomerangs to throwing tops and puzzles.

Do You Remember Army Men?

Our 11-year-old received one little army man on a recent trip. Would you believe he thinks it’s pretty cool in a world filled with game consoles and tablets? These United States Soldiers are made in the USA, come 50 to a bag, and are around 2 inches tall give or take depending on the pose. Fill your children’s Christmas stockings with army men and put an American made Tim Mee Toys army truck and some combat vehicles under the tree for hours of imaginative play long after the Christmas season.

The “Had to Have It” Doll from Our Generation

Remember when Cabbage Patch Kids were the Christmas gift of the year for little girls? I didn’t get one for Christmas that year but as soon as they were back in stock, my grandma took me shopping to pick out a Cabbage Patch Kid of my own. Sadly, that doll was lost in a move but my grandma knew she meant a lot to me and bought me a new one for Christmas in my 20s! I still have her today along with her own Cabbage Patch Doll I inherited after she passed, and a few more I’ve added for my grandchildren to play with when they visit. My granddaughters always go straight for the box full of Cabbage Patch Kids.

The original handstitched and exclusive Cabbage Patch Kids are born at Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia and the modern toy Cabbage Patch Kids are made in Pennsylvania.

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A Classic Red Wagon

Did you have a red wagon as a child? Berlin Flyer started making wagons in 1965. Unlike Radio Flyer wagons where two-thirds of wagons are now made in China and only a third in Wisconsin, Berlin Flyer wagons are all made in the USA in Holmes County, Ohio.

Berlin flyer wagons are available in classic red as well as 7 other colors. The sport model comes with 10″ flat-free tires and a steel undercarriage for durability with removable wooden side rails. We’ve got to say, a red wagon is an American made classic Christmas gift for kids they’ll treasure for years to come and maybe even generations.

The Original Slinky

The Original Slinky celebrates more than 75 years of being made in the USA and has made a great stocking stuffer for kids since day one. The classic American made Slinky you give as a Christmas gift this season is the same Slinky you played with as a kid. It comes in multiple sizes today including original and giant. The multipack includes original, giant, and junior Slinkies. If you have a few grandchildren, spread the fun with a 3-pack of the original size. And if you really want to bring back some memories, check out the collector’s Slinky in retro packaging.

The Original Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs were developed around 1916-1917 by John Lloyd Wright, the son of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and are believed to be the first toy marketed to both boys and girls. Lincoln Logs were made in China for approximately 60 years but returned to US manufacturing in 2014 (some plastic pieces are still made in China).

We have this 327-piece collector’s set in a retro-styled tin that our son received from Santa shortly after Lincoln Logs returned to being made in the USA. Smaller building sets like the 102-piece Fun on the Farm and 80-piece Tree House make great additions to a collection and are perfect for gift-giving.

100% Made in the USA Log Building Sets

Roy Toy log cabin building sets are another log building brand of toys developed in the early 1900s. Developed in 1930 by Roy K. Dennison they continue today through the work and love of his grandson Bruce. Every piece is still made of wood and 100% made in the USA. We can’t think of a more American made classic Christmas gift for kids.

We like the 250-piece Deluxe Farm building set or 200-piece Deluxe Log Cabin building Set.

A Backyard Tradition

Wiffle Ball has been a backyard favorite for 3 generations. It began in 1953 when a father watched his son and a friend make up a game using a perforated plastic golf ball and a broomstick handle. Baseball and softball hadn’t worked for them. The property was too small and often resulted in broken windows. And sometimes they couldn’t find enough kids for a game. Dad got to work helping them out with improvements to their equipment and the official Wiffle Ball game was born. Wiffle Ball has been an American backyard classic ever since.

Traditional Alphabet Blocks

If you’re buying Christmas gifts for a baby or toddler, what could be more traditional than a set of wood alphabet blocks? These ABC blocks from Uncle Goose have a pretty vintage design with letters, numbers, and animals.

Other learning blocks from Uncle Goose include Braille ABC Blocks, American Sign Language ABC Blocks, Greek Alphabet Blocks, Math Blocks, Period Table of Elements Blocks, and many others.

We hope you enjoyed our list of American made classic Christmas gifts for kids. Be sure to let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorite timeless Christmas gifts for children that are still made in the USA.

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