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American Made Auto Detailing Products

Why should you ONLY use American made cleaning products and chemicals for the care of your car? Products created in the United States are required to pass certain quality testing standards. Along with that, American consumer protection laws and safety standards are put in place so that the right amount of chemicals are in every container.  Don’t trust the care of your car to just any chemicals from anywhere. Use auto detailing products that are made in the USA.

Made in the USA Automotive Detailing Supplies

Armor All

The Armor All line of automotive care products includes everything from interior cleaners and protectants, exterior cleaners and protectants, and glass care to air fresheners and wipes.

Armor All is an American brand of car care products that is manufactured by American company Armored AutoGroup of Danbury, Connecticut, United States.


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Jax Wax

The complete line of made in the USA auto detailing supplies from Jax Wax includes cleaners, leather care, glass, care, fabric protectant, ceramics, wheel and trim care, wax & sealants, microfiber towels, detailing tools, buffers & polishers, and complete car care kits.

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Limitless Car Care

Limitless Car Care offers a complete line of American made automotive detailing products and supplies including chemicals for washing & detailing, protecting & polishing, wheels & tires, buffing, drying, glass, and interior microfiber products, ceramic prep, coating, and maintenance, and accessories that include buffers, sprayers, applicators & pads, bucket washers, and more.

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MotorKote, well known for its large line of made in the USA motor oils offers a small line of spray and pump spray cleaners for removing grease and grime, cleaning the tires, and shining the glass. All MotorKote products come with a money-back guarantee.

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Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Waxes & Polishes

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance offers a complete line of automotive care and detailing products including a total interior & exterior auto detailing kit and auto detailing gift bucket.

Pinnacle has earned the Made in the USA title after a rigorous evaluation by non-governmental organizations dedicated to promoting American made products and supporting the creation of jobs in the U.S.. The guidelines utilized in this analysis meet and exceed those of the U.S. Government and the Federal Trade Commission.


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Stoner Car Care

Made in the USA auto detailing supplies from Stoner Car Care include complete car care kits, interior auto care products, exterior automotive care products, accessories, and supplies in both personal and commercial sizes.

Stoner is deeply committed to our community and to the ideas and values on which America was founded. Because of this, we develop, manufacture, and support our products in the U.S.A. In fact, we’ve been proudly manufacturing in our hometown of Quarryville, PA since 1942.

Stoner Car Care

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