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American Made Racing Parts

I am speed. OK, I have a little boy and just couldn’t help myself. You want to get to the racing parts made in the USA and not read have to read bad jokes along the way. Fine. But keep in mind I eat losers for breakfast. Ka-Chow!

Do you manufacture American made racing parts? We’d love to hear about it and add it to our made in the USA list of brands and products. Let us know about it in the comments below, follow us on Instagram @madeintheusamatters so we can find and follow you back, and join our Facebook group where you can share your made in the USA products with Americans committed to buying American made.

Made in the USA Racing Parts

AKG Motorsport

Made in the USA bushings, mounts, shifters and performance parts or BMW.

Our performance parts are proudly made in Illinois, USA and used in over 60 countries worldwide.

AKG Motorsport

Bryant Racing

Crankshafts for champions built in Anaheim, California, US.

We manufacture the BEST possible crankshaft, using only the highest quality USA steel for our customers racing or performance needs, with great service at a fair price and the continued dedication in finding new ways to improve our current product.

Bryant Racing

Oliver Racing Parts

American made connecting rods and bolts for Chevy, Ford, and more.

Oliver connecting rods are made in America, from 100%American materials by the finest craftsmen in the world: Americans. Throughout our catalog we proudly display the American flag and use the term “Made in America” in honor of that commitment. The fact is, we build what are arguably the best connecting rods in the world using American craftsmen and American ma-terials. Oliver connecting rods are proudly, “Made in America.”

Oliver Racing Parts

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Primitive Racing

Made in the USA racing parts for Subaru, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi.

All Primitive Racing products are designed and made in the USA including our line of Lightbars, Brushguards, Winch Mounts and Rock Sliders which we make in house. Welcome to Primitive Racing!

Primitive Racing

Scorpion Racing Products

Rocker arms, stabilizer kits, fuel rail kits, parts, & accessories.

Scorpion has achieved a leading market position by focusing on the quality of its products, fast distribution, and strong customer relationships. The company now sells roller rocker arms, shaft mount rocker arms, valve train stabilizer kits (stud girdles), fuel rail kits, lubricants, and more.  Scorpion Performance Rocker Arms are American Made with exceptional pride in quality.

Scorpion Racing Products

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Titan Speed Engineering

The ultimate racing oil pump. Made in the USA in California, generator driven oil pumps.

Titan oil pumps are American made and race proven for drag racing, flat track, oval track, tractor pulling, and more.


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