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Made in the USA Copper Pots & Pans, and Bakeware

Copper cookware made in the USA is so beautiful to look at. I don’t know what it is that attracts me. However, I don’t trust myself with caring for it properly so I stick to using USA-made cast iron cookware and stainless steel cookware. I sure admire those of you that have copper pots & pans. As for me, I get the look of American-made copper cookware in my kitchen with vintage copper molds and teapots I hang for decoration.

USA-made copper cookware is the best cookware for heat conductivity, even better than aluminum cookware. Copper pots and pans heat quickly and evenly. Copper cookware also cools quickly so it helps to prevent overcooking when you remove it from the heat source. In addition, copper is naturally resistant to microbes so cooking with copper pots and pans made in the USA diminishes the risk of bacteria surviving when your food is cooked.

Copper cookware is reactive and can leach into acidic foods. Unless it is lined, as all made in the USA copper cookware is, it is not recommended for tomato canning or cooking acidic foods.

American Made Copper Cookware & Bakeware


All-Clad copper pots & pans, and copper core cookware, and stainless steel cookware is bonded, engineered, & assembled in the USA. Additionally, the stainless bakeware is made in the USA. Note that non-stick bakeware, nonstick cookware, and ceramic cookware are made in China.

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Brooklyn Copper Cookware

The crafters of Brooklyn Copper Cookware spend most of their time making each copper pot and pan by hand. Because BCC copper cookware is limited production, selling windows only open once or twice per year and it usually sells out within 48 hours.

We do not advertise, publicize, nor alert the general public in any way. This allows us to make as much BCC as we can to the very best of our abilities and at a rate we can sustain, while preserving a reasonable price for heirloom goods, entirely hand-made in the USA.

Brooklyn Copper Cookware


The Duparquet silver-lined copper cookware line is handmade in America and offers frypans, saucepans, saute pans, and lids as well as some copper serveware.

Hammersmith Cookware

Copper saucepans, saute pans, frying, au gratin, and braiser pans with manganese bronze handles and 5/16” hand-set copper rivets in your choice of tin or silver lining.

andcrafted in America above all standards, our craft is focused on one thing…to provide you with the most luxurious and most enjoyable cooking experience available today.

Hammersmith Cookware

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Pin it! Made in the USA Copper Cookware

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