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Made in the USA Cast Iron Pots & Pans

Eight. Ten. That’s the number of pieces of cast iron cookware made in the USA that I own. Some of my American made cast iron pans are in the house and others are in the pop-up camper. I have a few accessories too, like the Lodge Cookware Organizer and Silicone Handle Holder (available in 6 colors).

I go between my stainless steel cookware and my USA made cast iron cookware depending on what I’m cooking (And where I’m using it. I always use cast iron when I’m camping.) I love that I can use cast iron on the stovetop, inside the range, out on the grill, and over a campfire. I’ve made everything in my cast iron pots and pans from eggs, bacon, and hash browns, to biscuits (mixed with my KitchenAid mixer, of course), to pizza, to quesadillas. No need for any single-use foreign-made electronics.

Cast iron cookware will last a lifetime, distributes heat evenly, and your food will absorb some of the iron when you cook which is good for you!

I have my eye on a few new pieces of cast iron myself and I’ll only use 100% Made in the USA cast iron cookware.

American Made Cast Iron Cookware

Appalachian Cast Iron Co.

Made in the USA and veteran-owned and operated, Appalachian jeweled cast iron skillets are inspired by hammered cast ware from days of yesteryear and made alongside the cast iron Great America Waffle Iron.

Borough Furnace

Borough Furnace is the only enameled cast iron cookware made in the USA. Dutch ovens, frying skillets, braising skillets, grill pan/braising skillet lid combo, and accessories.

Our skillet and bakeware collections are handcrafted from start to finish by John and Liz in our New York workshop

John and Liz, Borough Furnace

Butter Pat Industries

Lighter-weight, uniquely smooth, polished cast iron cookware hand-cast in the USA in small-batch quantities.

We are foundrymen and designers, artists and engineers in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Butter Pat Industries

Field Company

American made cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, griddles, cast iron lids, and accessories that are lighter and smoother than other cast iron cookware brands.

All of our cast iron cookware is made in the USA. While our office headquarters are located in New York City, our production and fulfillment operations include facilities in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Field Company

Learn More at Field Company


Premium quality cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, grill pans, sets, and accessories made in the USA in Portland, Oregon.

FINEX is a small Portland-based team, focused on reinventing American cast iron with modern design and attention to detail.


Visit the Official Finex Amazon Store

Grizzly Cookware

American-made and Veteran-owned nickel-coated cast iron cookware. Skillets, casseroles, and accessories.

As a veteran owned company, Made in America is more than just a slogan for GRIZZLY Cookware. 

Grizzly Cookware

Lancaster Cast Iron

Lancaster cast iron skillets, wooden cooking utensils, cutting boards, and leather cast iron cookware potholders and accessories are made in the USA in Lancaster, PA.

We are proud to say that every one of our pans is poured, finished and seasoned by hand in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Lancaster Cast Iron

Find on: Amazon

Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge has been making cast iron cookware in the USA since 1896 and is the oldest cast iron manufacturer in America. The endless Lodge seasoned cast iron product line includes skillets, dutch ovens, grilling pans, grills and grill presses and other grilling accessories, pizza pans, bakeware, and much, much more. Lodge Cast Iron is known for affordability and quality and is often seen in kitchens, on backyard grills, and the campfire.

Visit the Official Lodge Cast Iron Amazon Store

Nest Homeware

Cast iron cookware with ergonomic handles made in Rhode Island. The collection includes skillets, egg pans, dutch ovens, braising pans, and self-basting lids.

Proudly made in the USA

Nest Homeware

Smithey Ironware

American-made Smithey Ironware has a polished surface that is naturally non-stick and easy-to-clean. 8″-14″ skillets and deep skillets, dutch ovens, and grill pans.

We are proud of what we make. We design and craft our cookware in the USA, and our talented team of craftsmen and women individually inspects every Smithey multiple times throughout the manufacturing process.

Smithey Ironware


Made in the USA machine smooth cast iron 10.5″ and 12″‘ skillets and 13.5″ braisers. Stargazer cast iron cookware is offered bare or seasoned with 2 coats of non-GMO, kosher oil blend.

All of our products are American-made and of the highest quality available.


See More at Stargazer Cast Iron

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Cast Iron Pots & Pans Made in the USA

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