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Made in the USA Headphones & Accessories

As with all electronics, our list of headphones made in the USA is a short one. If you know of other American made headphones (that can be verified as made in the USA per their website or official statement), please let us know in the comments. We are also seeking ear buds and other American made portable audio equipment.

Most of the headphones on our list are not for the average American consumer. The majority of American made headphones aren’t for home listening and gaming (unless maybe you’re DanTDM). Brands exclusively made in the USA generally cater to professional mixing studios and musicians.

American Made Headphones & Accessories

Affordable Headphones Made in the USA

Bose *

Bose has production facilities in Framingham, Stow, and Westborough, Massachusettes. However, be aware that according to a statement from Bose, “There are no longer any Bose consumer electronic products or headphone products that are manufactured exclusively in the USA.” Bose products are also made in China, Malaysia, and Mexico.

Visit the Official Bose Amazon Store

Direct Sound

Isolation headphones made in the USA with environmentally responsible patented passive isolation technology.

With our classic line of Extreme Isolation headphones, made in the U.S., Direct Sound has earned admiration and respect around the world.  

Direct Sound

Visit the Official Direct Sound Amazon Store

Professional Headphones Made in the USA


High-performance, luxury headphones made in the USA. Abyss engineers and assembles headphones from scratch with solid aluminum frames and lambskin leather. Planar speaker drivers deliver music with a speaker-like performance.


Audeze uses planar magnetic technology to create what users say are the best-sounding headphones they’ve ever heard. Audeze American made headphones are for professional musicians and studios.

Visit the Official Audeze Amazon Store


Most Grado headphones and other audio products are proudly made in the USA in Brooklyn, New York, and have been for more than 60 years. (iGrado and in-ear products are not made in the USA). Grado is family-owned and operated.

Visit the Official Grado Amazon Store

ZMF Headphones

Professional headphones with some affordably priced amateur styles. ZMF also offers stands and other headphone accessories.

Our headphones are assembled by a team of skilled craftsperson’s in Berwyn Illinois; just outside the city of Chicago. They come from varied vocational backgrounds, design, fabrication, audio engineering, carpentry etc. All united by a shared passion for the beautiful product they’re proud to make.


In-Ear Monitors Made in America

Campfire Audio

Custom in-ear monitors made by hand for the perfect fit and finish. Each pair is individually designed and assembled in the USA in Portland, Oregon.

Visit the Official Campfire Audio Amazon Store

JH Audio

Custom in ear monitors and accessories for prosessionals handcrafted in the USA. Each set of JH Audio Custom and Universal fit IEMs are built in Orlando, Florida.

American Made Headphone Accessories

Bendy Head

Bendy Head is an American made headphone stand designed to distribute weight and prevent premature wear and tear on your headphones. The Bendy Head is made of finely finished wood and comes in a variety of finishes. It packs flat for travel and stays together with embedded magnets.

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