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Made in the USA Razors

An American made brand directory of disposable razors, safety razors, straight edge razors, razor blades, and even beautiful custom forged razors. They are all made in the USA razors. Of course.

American Made Razors

Disposable Razors Made in the USA


Personna manufactures made in the USA disposable razors for men and women, cartridge refills, and double-edge blades. Personna steel razor blades are made in the United States from imported steel.

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Preserve products are made with recycled plastic, much of which is rescued from shorelines and waterways. How cool is that? Preserve razor blades and more than 90% of each handle is made in the USA with the cartridge assembled in Mexico. Preserve also makes toothbrushes and a wide variety of kitchen tools and food storage products with the same recycled plastic.

All of our products are made in the USA. The only exception is the razor blade cartridge.  The cartridges are assembled in Mexico from US-made parts.  We chose to make this exception based on the integrity of the supplier and the fact that they do not test on animals. 


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Safety Razors Made in the USA

Asylum Rx -V2 from BullGoose Shaving Supplies

The American made 2nd generation Asylum Rx-V2 razor is made from 316L stainless steel and weighs in at 107g with excellent balance. Works well even with several days of growth.

Battle Brothers Shaving Co.

Designed by veterans and made in the USA of military aircraft-grade aluminum, the Battle Brothers Shaving Company MKII Double Edged Razor offers a smooth, low-friction coating.

Battle Brothers Shaving Co. is a company for warriors, by warriors. It was born out of brotherhood, service and self-sacrifice.

Battle Brothers Shaving Co.

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‘Merica Razor at Wet Shaving Club

CNC machined in a small family-owned shop in Pennsylvania with 316 marine grade stainless steel. The magnetic bottom makes changing blades simple and quick.

Sixty8 White Collar Safety Razor

Handmade in Chicago, Illinois, Sixty8 White Collar Safety Razor is twice or more the weight of other razors, helping the razor do all the work. It is made of 316 stainless steel and each razor comes with a pack of 10 Feather brand double-sided razor blades but you can use your favorite blades if you prefer.

Each and every product is made in the USA and is never tested on animals. Sixty8 believes that small businesses need to stick together. In addition to a core family offering of pomades and oils, Sixty8 often collaborates with local companies and dedicated craftsmen to create a wider range of personal care products.

Sixty8 Chicago

Timeless Razor

Beautifully crafted razors made by a family of machinists in North Royalton, Ohio. Bronze, titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum safety razors.

We are the design team, the manufacturers, the shippers, and the customer service department.  We do not outsource these critical components of the company as we view them as vital to producing a superior product that will stand the test of time. 

Timeless Razor

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Western Razor Co.

100% metal and built to last razor. No subscription, high-quality safety razor.

So how do we make the best safety razor? We make it entirely in The United States. Not “designed in America” or “assembled in America” or “made in North America” or some other sneaky qualifier. Western Razor is 100% MADE IN THE USA. That’s the only way to ensure the highest quality.

Western Razor Co.

American Made Straight Razors

Classic Shaving

Classic Saving offers safety razors, straight razors, brushes and bowls, beard balm, shampoo, and other grooming products all made in America.

At Classic Shaving, we take great pride in offering shaving gear made in the USA. Buying American helps support small business owners and artisans who thrive in and stimulate the United States’ economy.Our selections of American made razors are meticulously crafted from beginning to finish by one skilled artisan from Hart Steel. 

Classic Shaving

Shave Smith

Shave Smith custom designs and crafts hand-forged heirloom razors the old-fashioned way in Loveland, Colorado. I want to gift one after viewing his portfolio!

I’m honored to make your custom straight razor, and it gives me great purpose to make something that you and generations ahead will treasure. All my razors are made one at a time, with respect to traditional straight razor crafting.

Christopher, Shave Smith

USA Made Electric Shavers

Wahl Cordless Razor

The Wahl Bump-Free Cordless Rechargeable Foil Shaver is assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts. The hypoallergenic titanium foils reduce irritation to prevent bumping up and it has a pop-up trimmer for edging and touching up.

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Razor Accessories Made in the USA

Whiskey Barrel Razor and Brush Set from Holtz Leather Co.

The made in the USA Lieutenant shaving kit from Holtz Leather Co. includes a stand, brush, and razor handle made with wood from a Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel. The handle fits a standard Mach3 razor. Holtz Leather is known for its American made leather goods.

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  1. Are there ANY Electric Razors Made in the USA..?? Also you need a search feature on this page..

    1. Author

      Hi Antonio,
      Sadly, we have not found any electric razors made in the USA. If you ever come across any, please update us 🙂

      We have a search feature in the sidebar but maybe it isn’t prominent enough. I’ve added one to the header. I hope that helps. Thank you for the feedback!

      1. I believe the packaging of the Wahl Bump-Free Rechargeable Foil Shaver claims it is made in USA.

  2. ” Personna steel razor blades are made in the United States from imported steel.”

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