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Made in the USA Brooms, Mops, Dusters, and Other Cleaning Tools

The little things used to get by me. When I first made a commitment to buy products made in the USA, I’d go all out trying to find American-made products when I had to make a big purchase. But it didn’t cross my mind all the little things I’d throw in my cart on a whim. My cleaning tools were one of those things. I’d just pick up whatever looked like it would work for me. I didn’t think, “Is this broom made in the USA?” or “Let me find an American-made mop.” Tsk, tsk.

As I became more aware of how many little things I was buying out of habit and without a second thought I got more careful. When the time came that we needed a broom for our new to us camper, I made sure it was an American-made broom. And relieved to find out I’d been buying brooms made in the USA all along. Whew.

All the little things add up to big things. There are plenty of cleaning tools made by American manufacturers. No need for us to buy cleaning supplies made anywhere else.

American Made Cleaning Tools; Brooms, Dust Mops, Brushes, etc.

Brooms Made in the USA

Fuller Brush Company

A selection of household brooms made in the USA is available from the Fuller Brush Company including bristle brooms, angle brooms, a maple wood broom, indoor/outdoor brooms, dustpans, and other cleaning tools and supplies.

Visit the Official Fuller Brush Co. Amazon Store

Libman Brooms

Libman offers many made in the USA brooms including angled brooms, push brooms, and whisk brooms as well as dustpans, bench brushes, and other cleaning tools. Note that not all Libman products are made in the USA so check the label and description.

Visit the Official Libman Amazon Store

Meckley Brooms

Pennsylvania handcrafted brooms and dustpans that are as beautiful as they are useful. Traditional brooms and whisk brooms in natural broomcorn and a rainbow of dyed broomcorn. Choose solid or mixed colors. The Amish-made wooden dust pans are crafted from walnut, cedar, mulberry or cherry wood, and genuine leather.

All of our products are handcrafted by the Meckleys and sometimes several of us are involved in the process of making a single broom.

Meckley Brooms

USA Broom

USA Broom proudly makes their high-quality shop brooms and bench brooms in the USA.

USA Broom was formed to develop products that are American Made. Our goals were to continue to bring more great products back to the USA with the benefit of increasing US employment and economy.

USA Broom

Visit the Official USA Broom Amazon Store

Weiler Brooms

Weiler produces many products made in the USA including push brooms, whisk brooms, angled brooms, wire brooms, polypropylene brooms, and palmyra fill brooms.

Made in the USA Brooms at the Official Weiler Amazon Store

Whisk Broom Handcrafted in Pennsylvania

Durable whisk broom, 100% handcrafted by a craftsman in Central Pennsylvania. Hanging hook and 12″ overall length.

Find on: Amazon

Mops Made in America

Fuller Brush Company

Fuller has a dry dust mop and a wooly dust mop, both with extension handles. The mop and replacement heads are made in the USA.

Visit the Official Fuller Brush Co. Amazon Store

Garrett Wade

The slack floor mop with telescoping handle is a beautiful multicolor floor dusting mop made in the USA in Vermont. The natural Lanolin in the sheep wool strands naturally attracts dust and dirt. Garret Wade carries a variety of other American made products including serving bowls, hand tools, and garden tools made in the USA. Be sure to search “made in the USA” to avoid imported products.

See More American Made Products at Garrett Wade


The world’s finest wooly dust mops and hand dusters handmade in Vermont since 1909.

All our mops and dusters are currently handmade in Vermont. We source the material, which goes into the mop and duster heads from within the United States. This makes our products truly made in the United States.


Visit the Official Sladust Amazon Store

Wool Shop

The Andrews family has been crafting handmade, wool dusters on their farm in Grant City, Missouri since 1983. They handcraft lambs wool floor mops and dusters in a variety of sizes.

Find on: Amazon

American Made Pails & Buckets


Sterilite is the largest manufacturer of plastic housewares in North America with 7 plants totaling 12 million square feet. Sterilite manufactures multiple mop buckets, spout pails, dishpans, and cleaning caddies, along with laundry hampers & baskets, storage totes and bins, meal prep & leftover containers, and other BPA-free plastic products to help you keep your home clean, tidy, and organized.

Since 1939, Sterilite has been a family owned business with products made in the U.S.A.


Visit the Official Sterlitie Amazon Store

Dusters Made in the USA

DutchCrafters Lambswool Duster

100% made in the USA 10″ lambswool duster. Dutchcrafters is known for their American, Amish-made furniture and decor. They also offer microfiber cleaning towels and a variety of cleaning solutions, all made in the USA.

Visit the Official DutchCrafters Amazon Store

Cleaning Cloths Made in the USA

Ultimate Cloth

Ultimate Cloth is an eco-friendly product that can be used to clean a multitude of surfaces including counters, mirrors, cooktops, wood, electronics, and more. Patented technology picks up 99.99% of bacteria and germs.

The UltimateCloth is made in the USA from a European technology and comes with up to a 5-year warranty. American maufacturing means fast shipping, too!

Ultimate Cloth

Visit the Official Ultimate Cloth Amazon Store

American Made Scrub Brushes

Fuller Brush Company

Fuller Brush Company offers a premium, scratch-free toilet mop made in the USA. Use the search feature to find “made in the USA” cleaning tools for every part of the home along with a variety of cleaning products including bowl cleaner, shower spray, and more.

Visit the Official Fuller Brush Co. Amazon Store

Libman Scrub Brushes

The Libman variety of scrub brushes made in the USA includes handle scrub brushes, floor scrubbers, tile brushes, and no knees scrub brushes.

Visit the Official Libman Amazon Store

Cleaning Products Made in the USA

Fuller Brush Company Cleaners

Fuller Brush Company has a complete line of American-made cleaning products and chemicals for every need. Cleaning products made in the USA include furniture polish, glass cleaner, shower and toilet bowl cleaners, floor cleaners, degreasers, and much more.

Visit the Official Fuller Brush Co. Amazon Store


Heirloom furniture care products are made by a small Ohio Amish family-owned business. Products include furniture polish, wax, and glass cleaners available through DutchCrafters.

Visit the Official Heirloom / DutchCrafters Amazon Store

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