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Made in the USA Marinade

It’s great when I remember to marinate long before it is time for dinner. But I’ll admit, most of the time I’m not that prepared and dinner gets a last-minute seasoning. Don on the other hand always remembers to marinate when he plans to cook out on the grill. And he’s always sure to use a marinade made in the USA. None of that imported stuff goes on our BBQ.

Did we miss a USA-made marinade? I’m sure we did with so many regionally crafted brands and varieties. Let us know who we missed in the comments and we’ll add it to our list of American made marinades. Even better if you can link to the label image, website page, or Amazon listing where we can verify it is made in the USA. Thanks!

See Condiments Made in the USA for ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and other toppers. And be sure to check out our directory of Hot Sauce Made in the USA and BBQ Sauce Made in the USA while you’re here.

American Made Marinade

Blues Hog

USA made beef marinade mix and pork marinade mix that can be brined, injected, or soaked when mixed with water. Blues Hog also makes a wide variety of thick, flavorful combination barbecue sauces.

Visit the Blues Hog Amazon Store


USA-made Peri-Peri mild, hot, and garlic marinades as well as mild, hot, and extra hot sauces in consumer and commercial sizes.

Find on: Amazon

Elda’s Kitchen

All-natural GMO-free cooking and grilling marinades and sauces. Varieties include Kentucky bourbon, Korean-style sesame, hot wing, steakhouse, sesame, and many more.

America gave so much to our family, so manufacturing in the USA was not even a question.

Elda’s Kitchen

See the Flavors in Elda’s Kitchen Amazon Store

Richard’s Vermont Made

Panic-stricken chicken marinade and wild game marinade varieties are made in Vermont USA. Richard’s Game Sauce seasons, tenderizes, and takes the gamey flavor out of venison, bear, duck, and other game. Richard’s Vermont Made also crafts barbecue sauce and hot sauce.

Sweet Baby Ray’s

Known across the country for its variety of barbecue sauce, Sweet Baby Ray’s Marinade is made in Marlborough, MA, USA along with BBQ sauces, dipping sauce, and marinade.

Visit the Official Sweet Baby Ray’s Amazon Store

USA Seasonings

Veteran-owned USA Seasonings makes marinades, sauces, seasonings, and rubs for chicken, pork, steak, seafood, and more.

All of our sauces & marinades are made in America. Veteran owned & operated.

USA Seasonings

Yo Mama’s

American made, low-sodium, no sugar added, keto and paleo approved, gluten-free, dairy-free, no artificial anything marinades, BBQ sauce, pasta sauce, marina, ketchup, and more.

Visit the Official Yo Mama’s Amazon Store

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USA Made Marinade

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