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Made in the USA Grills & BBQs

Which grills are made in the USA, you ask? Quite a few! We found made in the USA charcoal grills, American-made gas grills, USA made electric grills, ceramic grills made in America, pellet grills made in the USA, and all American made BBQ smokers for every purpose and price range.

Whether you entertain the family and a few friends with a backyard BBQ, cater large events, or are on the competition circuit, there is a USA-made grill or smoker for you. From affordable backyard charcoal grills to high-end built-in grills, you’re sure to find an American made grill that fits your needs and is built to last.

Once you have that new grill all picked out, how about some new Grill Accessories Made in the USA to go with it?

American Made Grills & BBQs

Charcoal Grills Made in the USA

Americana Grills

Americana grills are manufactured by Meco of Greenville, Tennessee. Their product line includes affordable, classically styled backyard charcoal grills, electric grills, and smokers.

Meco has been continuously making BBQ Grills in Greeneville, Tennessee since 1969.


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Assassin Smokers & Grills

The Assassin Smokers & Grills product line includes American made charcoal grills, tailgate grills, pellet grills, gravity-fed insulated smokers, hog cookers, and trailers. Assassin offers a range of sizes for backyard BBQs, catering parties, and everywhere in between.

Hand crafted in Macon, Georgia, USA, our smokers, grills, custom trailers and hog cookers are 100% made in America.

Assassin Smokers & Grills


American made stainless steel wood/charcoal grills with the ultimate heat control built by American craftsmen.

An American grill should be made in America; by Americans and for Americans. 


Hasty Bake

Hasty Bake has manufactured and assembled its charcoal grills in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1948. Family-size grills and smokers, professional options, and built-in units are available.

Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge cast iron grills and grilling baskets, grates, burger presses, and other grilling accessories and cookware have been made in America since 1896. Lodge currently operates 2 foundries in Tennessee.

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Lone Star Grillz

Lone Star Grillz Texas-style charcoal grills, pellet smokers, trailer pits, and fire pits are made in the USA in Texas. Each grill is fabricated one at a time in their own fabrication shop using USA-made components.

Lyfe Tyme

Lyfe Tyme Fine BBQ Pits manufactures American-made tabletop grills, camper grills, lid grills with fireboxes, single, double, and triple lid smokers, portable smokers, and open-top grills.

Pitts & Spitts

American made charcoal grills, pellet grills, fire pits, and smokers. Pitts & Spitts is based in Houston, Texas and is one of the only US fabrication shops focused on USA made grills and smokers.

Supporting American companies by sourcing domestic materials and providing American jobs are just a few of the values we live by.

Pitts & Spitts


Most Weber grills continue to be made in the USA including charcoal grills, Summit gas grills, and the SmokeFire pellet grill.

We still design, manufacture and discover new grilling possibilities right here in the USA.


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Gas Grills Made in America

Broil King

Broil King gas grills by Huntington are manufactured at 3 facilities in North America, with two in the USA. Imperial, Regal, Baron, and built-in models are made in Huntington, Indiana. Baron and Crown models are made in Dickson, Tennessee. Other Broil King models are made in Canada.

Onward Manufacturing Company operates three state of the art North American manufacturing facilities allowing for the specialization of production of specific components and models.

Onward Manufacturing Company

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Broilmaster produces a full line of grilling options including gas grills, charcoal grills, infrared grills, slow-cooker grills, in-ground grills, stainless grills, patio mount grills, built-in grills, premium and luxury grills, and more. Broilmaster grills are manufactured in the USA in Belleville, Illinois.

Find Broilmaster Grills at Walmart

Some parts & accessories are available on Amazon

Holstein Manufacturing

Holstein MFG produces stainless steel, thermostatically controlled rolltop backyard grills, pit fire grills, mobile and towable grills, as well as commercial smokers and cookers in Iowa, USA.

MHP Outdoor Grills

MHP gas grills, hybrid grills, and stainless steel grills are made in the USA in Illinois. MHP grills are designed to withstand harsh environments and last a lifetime.

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Solaire infrared gas grills, outdoor gas grills, portable gas grills, tailgate grills, and built-in gas grills are made in the USA and are among the most recognized grills in the country.

Every single Solaire infrared gas grill is designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in our U.S. facility.


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USA Made Pellet Grills

Blazn Grill Works

Blazn Grill Works manufactures solid, rugged, all American made with American steel residential pellet grills, charcoal grills, multifunctional grills, and wood smokers, as well as commercial smokers in Beatrice, Nebraska.

The Blazn crew takes pride in the fact that their grills are 100% AMERICAN MADE! 

Blazn Grill Works

Gator Pits

American-made custom-designed gas grills, fire pits, pellet cookers, trailer pits, and rubs and sauces too. Gator Pit’s new division, American Pit Crafters offers ready to use pits with the same quality as Gator Pits.

Kando Gear

Pellet grills, boilers, and accessories that are made in Texas and family owned and operated. Kando Gear was started with the intention of making a long-lasting, American-made grill.

MAK Grills

MAK Grills are entirely made in the USA where they are assembled in Oregon using domestically sourced materials. MAK Grills is committed to American manufacturing and employment opportunities. MAK Grills hats are even made in the USA.

MAK Grills are truly “Made in America.” In fact, in July of 2013 we became the first—and to this day only pellet grill manufacturer—to be in the Made in the USA Hall of Fame!

MAK Grills

Sawtooth Pellet Grills

Sawtooth Pellet Grills are equipped with a digital programmable controller with set-it-and-forget-it technology. They are made in Boise, Idaho with a commitment to American manufacturing.

Sawtooth Pellet Grills are made in Idaho, USA.  Our objective is to keep as many jobs in the US by sourcing and building using made in the USA parts where possible.

Sawtooth Pellet Grills

Smokin Brothers

Smokin Brothers makes traditional grills, premier grills, and commercial grills in Southeast Missouri.

Since DAY ONE we have remained committed to providing you with the best grills on the market while keeping production right here in Southeast Missouri.

Smokin Brothers

Electric Grills Made in the USA

Dakota Grills

Grill, bake, or smoke to perfection even when no one is around. Patented design offers a smokeless, greaseless, and safe way to grill and can even be used indoors.

Made in the USA and crafted with pride, all Dakota Grills™ are built to last and are guaranteed for five years or longer.

Dakota Grills


Kenyon is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel electric grills in North America. They produce their full line of portable grills, free-standing grills, and built-in grills in Connecticut.

Proudly handcrafted in Connecticut.


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Kamado Grills Made in America

Goldens’ Cast Iron

Residential and commercial Kamado cookers and carts constructed of durable cast iron with a powder coat finish in Georgia, USA.

Made in the USA. We produce all Goldens’ Cast Iron Cookers at our foundry and machine shops in Columbus and Cordele, Georgia.

Goldens’ Cast Iron

American Made Ceramic Grills

Primo Ceramic Grills

Primo USA made ceramic grills, part of the Empire Comfort Systems family of brands are headquartered in Belleville, Illinois and manufactured in Poplar Bluff Missouri. The patented oval design Primo Kamado style grill is available in multiple sizes with a variety of accessories.

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USA Made Smokers

270 Smokers

Patented preheated exhaust smokers and combination tabletop BBQ smokers and grills made in Virginia using American steel and hardware.

Made in the USA from the source of our steel, selection of hardware, and even the embroidery on our ballcaps. As small business owners in America, it’s a decision that provides shorter leadtimes, more flexibility, and an up-close focus on quality for our customers.

270 Smokers


American made electric pellet smoker ovens are offered in multiple sizes. Use year-round in your garage or on the patio.

Proudly made in the USA!


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Hunsaker Smokers

Hunsakers Smokers drum smokers, vortex smokers, portable camping grills, and pellet grills are proudly made in the USA in Columbia, Missouri.

Myron Mixon Smokers

BBQ pellet smokers, gravity smokers, H2O smokers, and commercial smokers made in the USA in partnership with Smokin Brothers.

Both of their families believe strongly in building American Made grills that are the best cooking machines on the market and sure to elevate anyone’s backyard game.

Myron Mixon Smokers

Visit the Official Myron Mixon Amazon Store

Yoder Smokers

Made in the USA smokers for the backyard or the competition circuit. Yoder Smokers are built to last with a lifetime guarantee. These smokers are made with so much steel that the smallest pit weighs 225 lbs. and the largest pit weighs more than 1200 lbs. Yoder Smokers also manufactures trailers and customs.

Pizza Ovens Made in the USA


Stainless steel pizza oven inserts that are made in the USA and designed to fit either charcoal grills or gas grills. Transform any grill into a pizza oven with high heat and even temperatures. How cool is that?

We feel that staying committed to American manufacturing will help our country. It is our way of giving back. 


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American Made High-End Luxury Grills


Alfresco manufactures made in the USA grills in Industry, California. Luxury features include Safe Touch design; an insulating barrier that keeps control components safe to touch and a wire protection system that encapsulates every wire and connection with 600º heat-resistant silicone sleeving.

All products are made and manufactured in the USA with the finest grade materials.


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American Outdoor Grill

Made of the highest grade commercial stainless steel with long-lasting solid brass valves, American Outdoor Grills manufactures built-in and portable gas grills in Industry, California.

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Fire Magic

Fire Magic built-in, mounted, drop-in, portable, charcoal, gas, and electric grills are constructed in California with 304 heavy gauge, appliance-grade stainless steel, and built to last a lifetime.

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Kalamazoo produces luxury stainless steel hybrid grills, wood-fired grills, gas grills, and Kamado grills in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Commercial Grills


Argentine-inspired professional grills, restaurant grills, architectural grills, and portable grills. Grillworks manufactures all American-made grills in Michigan. The New York Times says Grillworks grills are the gold standard of wood-burning grills.

Made in USA Grill Accessories


GrillGrate offers 2 in 1 surface grates for gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet smokers, Kamado grills, electric grills, portable grills, flat tops, and more. GrillGrate will fit any grill. Shop by the brand of grill you own or measure to fit. Interlocking systems stay put so you won’t have flare-ups and lost food. And unlike steel or cast iron, GrillGrates never rust.

Learn More and Buy at GrillGrate

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  1. PK GRILLS ARE NOT AMERICAN MADE. PK360, PKGO, and New Original PK (includes Aaron Franklin Edition):
    The PK360,PKGO and New Original PK’s are designed and engineered in the USA, manufactured in China and shipped across the world from our Little Rock Facility.

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