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American Made Mason Canning Jars

Most mason canning jars that are made in the USA are brands owned by Newell/Jardin. Newell Brands mason canning jars made in the USA include Ball Mason Jars, Bernardin Mason Jars, Golden Harvest Mason Jars, and Kerr Mason Jars.

If you’re planning to put up your garden this summer or enjoy making mason jar crafts, we have your complete list of American made mason canning jars.

Made in the USA Canning Jars

Anchor Hocking Canning Jars

Made in the USA canning jars in all standard American sizes.

We’ve been making Anchor Hocking glassware right here in the USA for more than a century. Supporting American jobs is a source of great pride for us, and it’s important to our customers too. They appreciate our dedication to the workforce here at home.

Anchor Hocking

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Ball Mason Jars

Rumors have circled the internet and canning groups that Ball mason jars are made in China now. That is not the case. As of this update (November 2023), both the Ball website and Ball packaging clearly state that Ball Mason jars are made in the USA. Ball makes traditional 4 oz. jelly jars, 16 oz. mason jars, large 32 oz. mason jars that are good for large batches of pickles, along with some specialty designs like vintage style mason jars, and specialty mason jars like spiral design jars and flute jars. Be sure to use the OFFICIAL Ball store when ordering from Amazon to ensure you purchase authentic Ball Mason jars.

Visit the Official Ball Amazon Store

Bernardin Mason Jars

Don’t let the Canadian markings deceive you. Bernardin is now owned by the Newell Company, the same company that makes Ball jars and all manufacturing was moved to the United States. Bernardin’s canning jars come in regular sizes with clear glass but my favorite has to be these vintage-inspired green mason jars.

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Golden Harvest Mason Jars

Golden Harvest mason jars are a budget brand owned by Newell/Jardin Canning Company. Newell Brands manufactures their canning jars in the USA. I love their 8 oz. jelly jars but my favorite jars are their little mason jar salt and pepper shakers. I have a couple of sets of those cute little jars.

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Kerr Mason Canning Jars

Made in the USA, Kerr Mason jars are more commonly found in the Western United States compared to Ball Mason jars that are generally found in the Eastern United States. Some of Kerr’s sizes include half pint, pint, and quart canning jars.

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Made in the USA Canning Jars

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