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Take a Made in America Ohio Factory Tour

Welcome to Ohio and our list of Ohio factory tours you can take!

Everybody knows someone from Ohio, right? Well if not, consider me your friend in Ohio. Toledo actually. Seems we’re always mentioned in movies and on TV. Then we have to rewind, call the family in, and point at the TV. It’s a thing here. But enough about that. You want Ohio factory tours and we have them.

From Aberdeen to Zanesville, American workers are on the job making made in the USA products you might already have in your home. Some, you might be surprised to know are made in Ohio. You can’t tour every Ohio factory, but these are the Ohio factory tours you can take.

Have a great time and maybe I’ll see ya there!

Ohio Factories That Offer Tours

Ohio Auto & RV Factory Tours

Airstream | Jackson Center, OH

Ever wondered how the Airstream aluminum shell is made? Or how we wire in touch controls? Expect an up-close look when you tour the Airstream factory in Jackson, Center, OH. You can take a one-hour tour of our travel trailer or touring coach factory, or both, while hundreds of craftspeople create right in front of you. And you can tour our on-site museum, full of prized vintage Airstreams and historical exhibits.


Honda Heritage Center & Auto Plant Tours | Marysville, OH

The Honda Heritage Center™ highlights the company’s successes in North America over the last half-century with an array of historical, current, and future products. The exhibits showcase the challenging spirit that has driven our company to make a positive impact on the environment, our communities, and our customers.

A self-guided tour of the center (museum) is available for individuals, families, and groups. A tour of the center and a guided auto plant tour allows you to learn about Honda’s heritage and see Honda manufacturing firsthand.


Ohio Food Factory Tours

Shwebels | Youngstown, OH, & Hebron, OH.

With state-of-the-art bakeries in Youngstown and Hebron, Ohio, we produce close to a quarter of a million packages of bread daily.

Bakery outlets in Columbus, Cuyahoga Falls, Dayton, Mansfield, Mentor, North Canton, Strongsville, Valley View, and Youngstown.


Velvet Ice Cream Museum | Utica, OH

Originally built in 1817, Ye Olde Mill is home to Velvet Ice Cream’s corporate offices in Utica, OH. More than 150,000 visitors each year enjoy delicious Velvet Ice Cream and prepared meals in a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor restaurant while experiencing a piece of history. With 20 acres of picturesque rolling hills, Ye Olde Mill provides the perfect setting for family fun, reunions, weddings, and more. Ice cream museum, parlor, gift shop, playground, shelter, pavilion, and more.


Ohio Home & Kitchen Product Factory Tours

Columbus Washboard Company | Logan, OH

Ever seen the inner workings of a centuries-old brick factory with vintage equipment used in the 1800s?  Not only do we have a veritable museum of American history but we actually still use many of these old tools and machines to make the laundry products we ship all over the world. Our guided tours take you through our plant and show the machinery & processes up close.

#Columbus Washboard Company

KitchenAid | Greenville, OH

KitchenAid offers guided tours of the mixer factory where visitors will actually walk through the entire kitchen mixer manufacturing process, down to the final assembly stage. There is a small charge per person for this tour.

Check out our KitchenAid Product Spotlight.

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Libbey Glass Factory Outlet | Toledo, OH

If you have glassware, you probably have some made by Libbey Glass in Toledo, OH. I call Toledo, OH home, and at least once a year we visit the Libbey Glass Factory Outlet which is right alongside the Toledo Farmer’s Market. We always get great deals on beautiful glassware.

Visit the Official Libbey Glass Amazon Store

#Libbey Glass

Mosser Glass | Cambridge, OH

Mosser Glass offers area tourists an interesting learning experience. You will be given a guided tour through our facility, where you will see our talented craftsman at work and learn about the process of glass making.

Visit our beautiful retail store onsite. You will find all of our gorgeous glassware creations plus more. Pick up a treasured souvenir, find that perfect gift for someone special or add to your own glass collection.

#Mosser Glass

Other Ohio Factory Tours

American Whistle Corporation | Columbus, OH

See the factors of production beginning with the process of manufacturing a whistle from raw material to shipping packaged products to our customers. View mechanical engineering at work in one-of-a-kind machines designed and built specifically for our exact manufacturing needs.

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#American Whistle Corporation

Wilson Football Factory | Ada, OH

A company dedicated to a sport. A town dedicated to a craft. A factory distinguished by its legacy. Since 1955, every leather Wilson football has been built by hand in Ada, Ohio by our veteran team of skilled craftsmen and women. More than 700,000 footballs a year have been handmade in Ada, Ohio.

See Footballs in the Official Wilson Amazon Store


More Tours in Ohio

USA Factory Tours

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  1. Thank you for highlighting OHIO, the most beautiful of the fifty. A Korean War Veteran, I have been all over our nation but would never leave Ohio where I have lived for 91 f my 93 years.
    Ohio’s leadership in almost every manufacturing area is renown but SADLY most of Ohio’s manufacturers have un-patriotically moved their production to China and elsewhere.
    We are hoping that Ohioans will realize their blunder and bring their businesses back home where it belongs.

  2. Does your company make OR know where I can purchase an AMERICAN MADE and assembled in USA -countertop residential ice cube maker –? TIRED of making my hand AND so sick of buying CHINA made products -poor quality ty

    1. Author

      Hi Lisa,
      Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find residential ice makers made in the USA. There are a few commercial options manufactured in the USA but they’re in the 4-7 thousand dollar range and probably not at all what you are looking for. If I become aware of anything, I’ll certainly update and please let us know if you find one 🙂

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