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Paintbrushes Made in the USA

While our list of paintbrushes made in the USA isn’t the longest American made brand directory on our website, it is complete.

Three companies are known for American made paintbrushes and painting supplies and with six years into a top to bottom DIY home remodel, we own plenty of made in the USA paintbrushes. We definitely have our favorites for each project we work on.

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American Made Paint Brushes

Standard Bristle Paintbrushes Made in the USA


Made in the USA paintbrushes from Corona come in a variety of types for latex, oil, enamel, and acrylic applications. Whether you’re painting a boat or a house, Corona has an American made paintbrush for your painting needs.

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Premier Paint Roller

Premier Paint Roller has seven lines of made in the USA paintbrushes. The American made paint and stain brushes include polyester paintbrushes, nylon paintbrushes, nylon/polyester blend paintbrushes, and Dupont Chinex paintbrushes.

Premier’s corporate headquarters, located in Richmond Hill, New York, occupies over 200,000 square feet. It is both our primary manufacturing and warehousing facility, servicing the East Coast. Our recently built 40,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona services the West Coast. 

Premier Paint Roller

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Purdy manufactures an extensive line of painting supplies including paintbrushes, rollers, trays, and buckets. While all Purdy paintbrushes are made in the USA, only some Purdy paint trays are American made. Don uses Purdy paintbrushes for most of his painting projects.

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It’s no accident that I picked a blue, flexible handle paintbrush for the photo. I LOVE these paintbrushes. I currently have about 10 of them. Each time we go to the nearby home improvement store, I grab one or two of them. Oh, they get used alright. We have been doing a DIY, top to bottom remodel of our house for 6 years now! I also buy vintage wood furniture and refinish it to my taste. These brushes have been a lifesaver for my arthritic fingers and wrists. So much so that I decided to do an American Made Product Spotlight about The Wooster Brush Company, their paintbrushes, and painting products.


All Wooster paintbrushes, rollers, painting kits, buckets, trays, and other painting supplies are made in the USA in Wooster, Ohio.

Wooster Brush has been around for a long time and we are very proud of our history…a history that was forged with a “made in America mentality” and passed from generation to generation. It still has important meaning for us today, and hopefully it has value to you.


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Foam Paint Applicators Made in the USA

Torrington Brush Works

Torrington Brush Works manufactures American-made poly foam applicators. Inexpensive, disposable foam paint brushes easily spread paint, varnish, oil, and latex. I use foam applicators for polyacrylic applications and quick touch-up jobs, myself.

American Made Chip Brushes

Justman Brush Company

The Justman Brush Company metal-free black handle black polypropylene chip brushes available in 1, 2, and 3-inch widths are great for adhesives, glues, and paint removers and made in the USA.

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