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Made in the USA Trash Bags

If you are wondering which trash bags are made in the USA, we have all the brands that manufacture trash bags made in the USA. Our list includes household trash bags like kitchen trash bags, lawn and garden trash bags, and wastebasket liners. We also have American made heavy-duty trash bags, contractor bags, and commercial trash bags. To preserve our beautiful United States, opt for compostable garbage bags, biodegradable trash bags, and recycling trash bags. All American-made!

American Made Trash Bags

Compostable & Biodegradable Trash Bags Made in the USA


Bagups .95 MIL trash bags are just as strong as Hefty and degrade into worm food in 24-36 months. Comes in 13 and 30 gallon sizes.

Our 100% biodegradable product is made in the USA by disabled veterans and Americans, the dispensing system is patented, we’re veteran-owned and our shipping is always free. 


evolution Bags

Sustainable, made in the USA trash bags that exceed EPA guidelines by 700% and are UL ECOLOGO certified. Packaging is 100% recyclable and at least 40% of our packaging is made from PCR paper. evolution trash bags come in 13-gallon, 32-gallon, and 42-gallon sizes.

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Full Circle

Full Circle Earth Friendly and affordable green trash bags come in 13-gallon kitchen trash can size and 33-gallon multi-purpose garbage bags. They are made from recycled plastic and are biodegradable.

Made in USA with health, safety, and our environment as our priority so we made them 100% Recyclable, Strong, Tall, & Free of Harmful Toxins.

Full Circle

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Environmentally friendly and compostable trash bags by EcoSafe come in a variety of packaging sizes. Heavy gauge .6 mil trash bags are durable, degradable, and made from renewable resources and a compostable corn-based proprietary resin. Household bags, lawn & garden bags, commercial products, and more.

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Made in the USA tie and drawstring waste basket liners, kitchen trash bags, and large garbage bags. 8, 13, 30, and 33-gallon size garbage bags.

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American Made Plastic Trash Bags


Glad is owned by the Clorox Family of Brands. Glad trash bags are produced in the United States, Canada, and China. US-based facilities include headquarters in Oakland, California, a distribution center in Arkansas, research & development in Willowbrook, Illinois, and manufacturing plants in Rogers, Arkansas, and Amherst, Virginia.

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Ox Plastics

Ox Plastics offers a huge variety of made in the USA trash bags including kitchen trash bags, recycling trash bags, contractor trash bags, and more. Trash bag sizes range from 13-gallon trash can liners to multiple contactor bag sizes and thicknesses up to 65 gallons.

Tired of seeing “Made in China” on almost every product you get your hands on? Time to reclaim that. Most of our plastic is made in New Jersey, USA. By Americans, for Americans.

Ox Plastics

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Uline 14 Gallon Colored Trash Bags

These 14-gallon trash bags from Uline come in 14 different colors, including black. Great for parties.

Since Uline’s start in 1980, the majority of our products have been made right here at home. Now more than ever, we are proud to support U.S. manufacturing by carrying over 18,200 items made in the USA.


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Commercial Trash Can Liners and Contractor Bags That are Made in the America

Webster Industries Draw ‘n Tie Trash Bags

Draw ‘n Tie trash bags from Webster Industries are manufactured in the United States. Hexene resin and heavy-duty trash bags in 13-gallon to 33-gallon sizes.

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earthsense Commercial

earthsense Commercial trash can liners are made in the USA with post-consumer recycled content. They come in more than 20 sizes, thicknesses, and packaging options including kitchen trash bags, heavy-duty trash bags, and recycling trash bags. 13-gallon through 60-gallon sizes.

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Tougher Goods

Tougher Goods American made commercial and contractor bags come in 1.5 and 3 MIL thicknesses and sizes ranging from 42 gallons all the way up to 95 gallons.

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All of Ultrasac’s contractor bags, drum liners, recycling bags, lawn and leaf bags, and trash bags are made in the USA. Thicknesses range from 1.4 to 4 mils.

All Ultrasac products are proudly made in the USA.


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  1. We are looking for Kitchen waste compostable bags with our info printed on the bags for a town-wide project. Approximately 50 bags per container. We are looking at “Pay as you Throw ” garbage system.

  2. Damn…appears Bagups aren’t shippable to California! I’m sure it’s something to do with our laws…guess I’ll take it up with someone in Sacramento!

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