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Garbage Cans, Trash & Recycling Bins, and Wastebaskets Made in the USA

Chances are you already have some of these wastebaskets, recycling bins, and trash cans made in the USA in and around your home. I know we do. We have a Rubbermaid trash bin in the kitchen, Sterilite wastebaskets in the bathroom and camper, and a Behrens galvanized steel trash can holding empty pet feed bags by the shed.

American brands manufacture trash and recycling bins for every possible need including kitchen trash cans, wheeled outdoor garbage cans, recycling bins, plastic and wicker wastebaskets, animal-proof trash bins, narrow space trash bins, and more. Check our list of trash receptacles made in the USA to find a garbage can to suit your needs.

Shop Dresden & Co. Wastebaskets

Shop Dresden & Co. Wastebaskets

American Made Trash Cans, Recycle Bins, & Wastebaskets

Wood & Wicker Wastebaskets Made in the USA

Amish Baskets & Beyond

Amish Baskets & Beyond is a family-owned and operated business offering Amish-made, handwoven oak baskets made in the USA in Ohio. The handwoven product line includes rectangular and oval small wastebaskets.

Amish Handmade in Ohio, USA

Amish Baskets & Beyond

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Dresden & Company was founded when Longaberger closed its doors in 2018 after handcrafting heirloom quality baskets since 1896. The artisans were out of jobs and the basket capital of the world needed employment opportunities. Jim Lepi had a desire to carry on the tradition and provide jobs to Longaberger artisans who were out of work so he founded Dresden & Co. Today, the handmade basket-making tradition continues in Dresden, Oh.

Dresden & Company maple hardwood waste baskets are handwoven and signed by local Dresden, Ohio artisans and available in ash gray or wheat. An optional plastic wastebasket protector made in Columbus, Ohio is available.

In addition to baskets, Dresden & Co. expanded the product line to include pottery made in Zanesville, Ohio, and other home furnishings and decor.

Because I’m such a basket lover, an Ohio resident, and a huge proponent of keeping jobs in the USA, it just made sense that I become an independent Dresden & Company proprietor to connect with other basket lovers, support an Ohio community, and give our readers access to handmade, heirloom quality baskets and pottery sold exclusively via independent Dresden & Co. proprietors. I’d love for you to shop with me for your Dresden & Co. baskets.

Michelle Barto, Proprietor ID # 4572

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The Longaberger wastebasket is made in the USA in Dresden, Ohio where they’ve been making heirloom quality, artisan-signed baskets since 1896. The wastebasket is available in a choice of finishes and has an optional plastic protector that can be purchased separately.

Xcel Brands will continue to make handmade baskets in Dresden, OH. We are also working on other product categories including food, pottery, and other home decor products, many of them made in local communities around the United States.


Peterboro Basket Co.

Founded in 1854, Petersboro Basket Co. still handcrafts made-to-order baskets today. The collection includes waste baskets for every room in your home, auto waste baskets, and recycling baskets. Choose from a variety of finishes including honey, cherry, driftwood, and white ash.

Founded in 1854, Peterboro Basket Company is the oldest continuous manufacturer of baskets in the U.S.A. 

Peterboro Basket Co.

Plastic Trash Cans & Recycling Bins Made in the USA


Rubbermaid manufactures indoor trash cans and wastebaskets, outdoor trash cans, animal-resistant trash cans, wheeled trash cans, recycling bins, and other waste solutions along with storage totes, food storage containers, pantry storage containers, and other heavy-duty containers made in the USA. According to Rubbermaid, about 80% of their products are made in the USA.

About 80% of Rubbermaid products are manufactured in the USA.


Visit the Official Rubbermaid Amazon Store


Sterilite is the largest manufacturer of plastic housewares in North America with 7 plants totaling 12 million square feet. At the time of this addition, I counted more than 20 Sterilite wastebaskets. The product line includes rectangle and round wastebaskets, open waste baskets, step-on (to open lid) waste baskets, swing-top lid wastebaskets, under-sink wastebaskets, and slim and narrow wastebaskets along with storage totes, plastic baskets, food storage containers, pantry organization bins, and much more.

Since 1939, Sterilite has been a family owned business with products made in the U.S.A.


Visit the Official Sterlitie Amazon Store

Metal Trash Cans Made in the USA


Behrens galvanized steel trash cans feature an offset bottom to keep the can off the ground, durable wire handles for easy portability, and tight–fitting lids. The trash cans are available in 10, 20, and 31-gallon sizes as well as a 20-gallon outdoor compost trash can.

The company and its products have stood the test of time. You can see the same workmanship in the details. You’ll feel the continued strength and confidence in the materials. You’ll recognize the true authenticity and unmatched quality melded out of American pride.


Visit the Official Behrens Amazon Store

Commercial Trash Cans & Recycle Bins Made in the USA


KirbyBuilt builds eco-friendly park benches and other furniture for public use, trash receptacles, recycling bins, waste containers, cigarette disposals, and pet waste stations out of recycled plastic lumber made out of milk jugs.

KirbyBuilt recycled plastic is proudly manufactured in the United States. Our headquarters in Wisconsin is where our skilled craftsmen and designers produce our innovative products and where we make, store and ship our offerings.

Kirby Built

OCC Outdoors

OCC Outdoors specializes in commercial products for outdoor spaces that includes steel and plastic trash and recycling bins, flower planters, park benches, bike racks, and other products for businesses and municipalities.


OTTO manufactures thermoformed and injection-molded residential trash pick-up bins, and commercial dumpsters for businesses, corporations, and municipalities.

Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan & Mexico.


Recycle Away

Recycle Away carries a wide selection of commercial trash cans and recycling receptacles made in the USA from brands that include Arena 51, Glaro, and Keene. Find school and campus trash bins, park waste bins, arena trash bins, hotel, airport, and hospital bins, and trash bins in a range of styles for any commercial or public use. Look for the United States flag as you browse or find made in the USA in the category menu. Better yet, take a shortcut.

More American Made Trash Receptacles

The Lovemade Home

The Lovemade Home is a small family-owned business in Missouri that builds single, double, triple, quad, and thin tilt-out trash cabinets and laundry hamper cabinets. The handmade in the USA trash and recycling cabinets are available in multiple styles and finishes. The replacement laundry bags are also made in the USA.

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite American made trash cans, garbage, and recycling bins!

Pin It! Trash Cans & Garbage Bins Made in the USA

Pin it! Trash Cans & Recycling Bins Made in the USA

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