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American Made Wicker & Farmhouse Baskets, Harvest Baskets, Storage Baskets…

I love baskets. A lot! I use them for everything in my home. Would you believe I can see 12 baskets in my line of sight right now? Yeah, it’s a little bit crazy. I have baskets on my library shelves that I use for decor and extra storage, baskets in the pantry for packets and boxes, baskets on the entryway floors for shoes, and I even have baskets on my kitchen ceiling that I use to carry and store harvested vegetables from my gardens. I’ve purchased baskets on vacation, and at garage sales, and had them handed down to me. My favorite baskets are the heirloom quality baskets made in the USA from brands like Dresden & Co.

Our list of baskets made in the USA encompasses American made storage baskets, home decor baskets, wicker baskets, braided rope baskets, bulk baskets, amish-made baskets, handwoven and handmade baskets, and specialty baskets. You’re sure to find exactly what you want and will support American artisans, crafters, manufacturers, and jobs with a USA-made basket from one of these makers.

Shop Dresden & Co. Baskets

Shop Dresden & Co. Baskets

Home Decor, Storage, and Produce Baskets Made in the USA

American-Made Home Decor Baskets

Wood & Wicker Baskets Made in the USA

Amish Baskets

Amish Baskets offers an exceptional selection of handcrafted furniture-quality woven wood baskets made in the USA. Each basket is made to order in the Midwest by old-order Amish families. The collection includes storage baskets, sewing baskets, picnic baskets, bike baskets, bread baskets, kitchen baskets, egg baskets, laundry baskets and hampers, pie baskets, stair baskets, garden baskets, and many other utility and home decor baskets.

We are the online marketplace for Old Order Amish families who live and skillfully weave high-quality handmade wicker baskets in an Amish community in the Heartland. As an American made woven basket company, you can be assured that your decorative basket will be handcrafted in the USA.

Amish Baskets, LLC

Amish Baskets & Beyond

Amish Baskets & Beyond is a family-owned and operated business that offers Amish-made utility and home decor baskets, puzzles, mailboxes, and birdhouses. Handcrafted baskets include storage baskets, picnic baskets, pantry & food storage baskets, organizer baskets, and other decorative baskets handmade in the USA.

Amish Handmade in Ohio, USA

Amish Baskets & Beyond

Shop Amish Baskets & Beyond on Amazon

Dresden & Company was founded when Longaberger closed its doors in 2018 after handcrafting heirloom quality baskets since 1896. The artisans were out of jobs and the basket capital of the world needed employment opportunities. Jim Lepi had a desire to carry on the tradition and provide jobs to Longaberger artisans who were out of work so he founded Dresden & Co. Today, the handmade basket-making tradition continues in Dresden, Oh.

Dresden & Company maple hardwood baskets are handwoven and signed by local Dresden, Ohio artisans. The selection includes home decor baskets, kitchen baskets, pantry baskets, picnic baskets, laundry baskets, and more. In addition to baskets, Dresden & Co. expanded the product line to include pottery made in Zanesville, Ohio, and other home furnishings and decor.

Because I’m such a basket lover, an Ohio resident, and a huge proponent of keeping jobs in the USA, it just made sense that I become an independent Dresden & Company proprietor to connect with other basket lovers, support an Ohio community, and give our readers access to handmade, heirloom quality baskets and pottery sold exclusively via independent Dresden & Co. proprietors. I’d love for you to shop with me for your Dresden & Co. baskets.

Michelle Barto, Proprietor ID # 4572

Shop Dresden & Co.

Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack 13″, 18″, 20″, and 24″ handmade pack baskets are made to carry fragile equipment and elevate loads above wet ground. The packs are excellent for fishing, visiting the farmers market, hiking, or for use as a stylish way to store items in your entryway, home, cottage, or cabin.

See them at Duluth Pack


Longaberger was founded in Dresden, Ohio in 1896. The company closed its doors in 2018 then was purchased by Xcel Brands in 2019. Xcel works with Dresden & Co. to continue the Longaberger tradition. Note that other products added to the Longaberger name are made in the USA and abroad. Longaberger baskets are still handmade and artisan-signed.

Xcel Brands will continue to make handmade baskets in Dresden, OH. We are also working on other product categories including food, pottery, and other home decor products, many of them made in local communities around the United States.


Peterboro Basket Co.

Peterboro Basket Co. has been handcrafting baskets made in the USA since 1854. Each handwoven basket is made to order and carries a limited lifetime warranty. The Peterboro Basket Co. product line includes home decor baskets, picnic baskets, bicycle baskets, storage baskets, wastebaskets, laundry baskets, kitchen baskets, garden baskets, office baskets, and much more. Choose from a variety of finishes including honey, cherry, driftwood, and white ash.

Founded in 1854, Peterboro Basket Company is the oldest continuous manufacturer of baskets in the U.S.A. 

Peterboro Basket Co.

Braided & Rope Baskets Made in the USA

American Blossom Linens

Designed for laundry use, the eco-friendly, sustainable natural wool braided baskets from American Blossom Linens are an excellent choice for toy storage, stuffed animals, throw blankets, and other home storage needs. The American-made baskets come in 2 sizes and 3 colors.

American Blossom Linens also makes 100% cotton grown and sewn in the USA sheet sets, blankets, and bath towels.

Crafted by experts and made in the USA.  For over 122 years our family has created jobs instead of sending them overseas. Shopping with your values in mind supports the local economy and puts purpose behind your purchases.

American Blossom Linens

See More at American Blossom Linens

Colonial Mills

Colonial Mills manufactures a vast selection of woven rope baskets made in the USA of fabric, chenille, wool, leather, and other materials. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes including storage baskets, hampers, individual rope baskets, and basket sets. Colonial Mills also manufactures braided rope rugs.

At Colonial Mills, we’re proud of our heritage and the fact that we design and manufacture our products exclusively in the USA. We believe our collections of braided rugs, storage baskets and accessories are second to none. This is largely due to the quality and commitment that comes from American manufacturing.

Colonial Mills

Visit the Official Colonial Mills Amazon Store

Rhody Rug

Rhody Rug braided baskets are made in New England along with traditional braided area rugs and runners. Choose from a large selection of color combinations, solids, and patterns.

Rhody Rug braided rugs are made in the USA right here in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Rhody Rug

Shop Rhody Rug on Amazon

Plastic / Poly Baskets Made in the USA


IRIS is a Japanese-based company, with IRIS USA established and incorporated in the United States in 1992. The brand is headquartered in Surprise, Arizona with manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. IRIS USA manufactures plastic storage baskets and containers. Most plastic storage bins for the U.S. market are made in the USA.

Visit the Official IRIS USA Amazon Store


Krasco indoor/outdoor poly baskets are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastics. The basket brand is available at various online retailers and bricks and sticks stores.


According to Rubbermaid, about 80% of their products are made in the USA. Plastic baskets include the pictured flexible 1.5-bushel basket and laundry baskets made in the USA.

About 80% of Rubbermaid products are manufactured in the USA.


Visit the Official Rubbermaid Amazon Store


Sterilite is the largest manufacturer of plastic housewares in North America with 7 plants totaling 12 million square feet. Sterilite manufactures plastic baskets made in the USA that are available in multiple styles and sizes along with pantry storage solutions, food storage containers, storage totes, laundry baskets, trash bins, and other plastic storage products.

Since 1939, Sterilite has been a family owned business with products made in the U.S.A.


Visit the Official Sterlitie Amazon Store


Tribello manufactures a range of American made plastic storage baskets and bins for closets, the pantry, the kitchen, and home office, along with food storage containers.

Visit the Official Tribello Amazon Store

Specialty Baskets Made in the USA

Homeplace Bushel Basket

Homeplace stackable bushel baskets are made of high-quality, durable plastic that’s strong enough to sit on and tough enough to hold a bushel of potatoes. Use them in the garden, laundry room, playroom, or garage.

See it on Amazon

Nets & More Fish Baskets

The 10-gallon capacity, heavy-duty fish baskets made in the USA exclusively for Nets & More can hold 100 lbs, and are weather and UV resistant. Choose from a variety of colors. Use them for live fish holding, laundry, gardening, and other practical uses.

See it on Amazon

Bulk Baskets Made in the USA

Good L Corp

Good L Corp manufactures commercial shopping baskets made in the USA available in a range of standard colors as well as custom color-matched to align with your brand palette.

Good L Corp fully supports U.S. workers and businesses. Our our big, tall, large, standard, and mini baskets are 100% recycled material and American-made. All of our manufacturing is performed at our La Vergne headquarters. Our Tennessee location was a calculated choice; we built our industrial facility here because we believe Tennessee offers some of the finest and hardest working citizens in the world.

Good L Corp

Greenfield Basket Factory

Greenfield Basket Factory has been manufacturing hand-woven baskets made in an old sawmill factory since 1933. The baskets are made from poplar, beech, hickory, and sycamore logs delivered by local loggers, then cut, dyed, and hand-braided. More than 50 styles are available to choose from including bushel and half-bushel baskets, storage baskets, hampers, clothes baskets, and picnic baskets.

Greenfield Basket Factory has been delivering quality American craftsmanship since 1933. Our baskets are still made the old fashion way, hand woven and machine stapled.

Greenfield Basket Factory

Shipley Basket, Inc.

Wholesale wooden bushel baskets, till baskets, diamond weave baskets, bread baskets, round bottom baskets, and hampers made in the USA.

Texas Basket Company

Established in 1919, Texas Basket Company has been making wholesale baskets for more than 100 years. They manufacture apple baskets, peach baskets, berry baskets, lettuce baskets, and other fruit and vegetable baskets sold in bulk for nurseries, farms, orchards, and markets.

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite American made baskets!

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