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Picnic Baskets, Picnic Blankets, & Picnic Tableware Made in the USA

Hold on, let me count. Six. I have 6 picnic baskets made in the USA. My goodness. My favorite is an antique picnic basket that I inherited from my grandparents. I can just picture them in the 1940s having a romantic picnic together and it makes me smile remembering them. Sigh.

All of my picnic baskets are vintage and similar to the heirloom quality wicker picnic baskets listed below. I use them to store winter gloves and hats, garden supplies, yarn & knitting needles, and all kinds of other things.

If you already have a great picnic basket but need replacement picnic dishes, or need to fill your new picnic basket, we listed some great picnic tableware options too.

Enjoy your picnic!

Shop Dresden & Co. Picnic Baskets

Shop Dresden & Co. Picnic Baskets

American Made Picnic Baskets & Essentials

Picnic Baskets Made in the USA

Amish Baskets

Amish Baskets handcrafts a variety of picnic baskets, pie baskets, and casserole baskets made in the heartland of America by old-order Amish families. Choose from lift-lid picnic baskets, hinged-lid picnic baskets, square, rectangle, and even heart-shaped picnic baskets, round and square 1, 2, and 3 pie baskets, wicker casserole baskets, and many other hand-woven picnic baskets.

Handcrafted by Old-Order Amish families in the Heartland of the USA

Amish Baskets, LLC

Amish Baskets & Beyond

Amish Baskets & Beyond is a family-owned and operated business offering Amish-made rectangle and square picnic baskets and square and round pie carriers along with a variety of other baskets for the home including fruit baskets, sewing baskets, and more.

Amish Handmade in Ohio, USA

Amish Baskets & Beyond

Shop Amish Baskets & Beyond on Amazon

Dresden & Company was founded when Longaberger closed its doors in 2018 after handcrafting heirloom quality baskets since 1896. The artisans were out of jobs and the basket capital of the world needed employment opportunities. Jim Lepi had a desire to carry on the tradition and provide jobs to Longaberger artisans who were out of work. Hence, he founded Dresden & Co. Today, the handmade basket-making tradition continues in Dresden, Oh.

Dresden & Company picnic baskets are handwoven and signed by local Dresden, Ohio artisans. The unique picnic basket design is available in wheat and ash gray. Other baskets ideal for picnics include a luncheon tote that hold 2 bottles of wine nicely and a casserole basket.

In addition to baskets, Dresden & Co. expanded the product line to include pottery made in Zanesville, Ohio, and other home furnishings and decor.

Because I’m such a basket lover, an Ohio resident, and a huge proponent of keeping jobs in the USA, it just made sense that I become an independent Dresden & Company proprietor to connect with other basket lovers, support an Ohio community, and give our readers access to handmade, heirloom quality baskets and pottery sold exclusively via independent Dresden & Co. proprietors. I’d love for you to shop with me for your Dresden & Co. baskets.

Michelle Barto, Proprietor ID # 4572

Shop Dresden & Co.

Greenfield Basket Factory

Greenfield Basket Factory has been manufacturing hand-woven poplar, beech, hickory, and sycamore baskets made in an old sawmill factory since 1933. Choose from small, medium, and large picnic baskets, picnic baskets with solid tops or split tops, Amish lunchboxes, pie carriers, and cake carriers. Choose from natural and food-safe dye options.

Greenfield Basket Factory has been delivering quality American craftsmanship since 1933. Our baskets are still made the old fashion way, hand woven and machine stapled.

Greenfield Basket Factory


The Longaberger heirloom quality picnic basket is handmade in the USA in Dresden, Ohio where Longaberger baskets have been handcrafted since 1896. It comes in a choice of finishes and has an optional cutting board lid and plastic interior protector.

Xcel Brands will continue to make handmade baskets in Dresden, OH. We are also working on other product categories including food, pottery, and other home decor products, many of them made in local communities around the United States.


Peterboro Basket Co.

Peterboro Basket Co. handcrafts a variety of picnic baskets made in the USA and has been hand-weaving baskets since 1854. Their selection includes traditional picnic baskets, vintage-style picnic baskets, picnic baskets with leather handles, 2-person, 4-person, and family-size picnic baskets, single-pie picnic baskets, and 2-pie picnic baskets. Each picnic basket is made to order. Choose your finish, liner, medallion, and optional personalization.

Peterboro Basket Company is the only manufacturer of this “one-of-a-kind” basket design. The basket is handcrafted in the USA from hardwood Appalachian Ash and 100% American-made materials.

Peterboro Basket Co.

Picnic Dishes Made in the USA


Preserve makes environmentally friendly recycled (and recyclable) plastic plates in a range of color choices. The reusable plastic dinnerware is made to withstand thousands of uses making them great replacement dishes for a vintage picnic basket or to fill a new picnic basket. Preserve also makes eco-friendly disposable tableware, food storage containers, razors, and other products.

Visit the Preserve Amazon Store

US Acrylic

American made plastic dinnerware, divided plates, bowls, drinkware, and serving bowls are free of harmful chemicals and made in the USA. Choose from a variety of trendy colors to coordinate with your new or antique picnic basket.

In 2010, we committed ourselves to making significant investments that would allow us to produce over 90% of our products in the US by 2020. We currently manufacture over 95% of our products in our factory in Libertyville, Illinois and source almost all of our raw materials from local and US based companies. 

US Acrylic

Visit the Official US Acrylic Amazon Store

Picnic Blankets Made in the USA

Do you have a great blanket to take on your picnic? Check out our favorite American-made picnic blankets.

Pendleton Roll Up Blanket

The pure virgin wool roll-up blanket from Pendleton Woolen Mills has nylon backing that will wipe right off when the picnic is over and a handle that makes it easy to carry along on your next picnic.

See it on Amazon

Visit the Official Pendleton Amazon Store

American Blossom Linens

The new Chevron wool throw blanket from American Blossom Linens is so soft you won’t know it’s wool. Wool is naturally temperature regulating making it great to sit on for a picnic in the middle of a hot summer day and will wrap you in warmth when the sun sets and the air gets a chill. The blanket is 100& made in the USA from seed to stitch and comes in 3 colors.

American Blossom Linens also makes 100% USA grown and sewn bath towels, organic bedding, and crib sheets.

Made completely farm to bed in the USA, American Blossom soft, all cotton and wool, modern vintage bed and bath linens are pure comfort.

American Blossom Linens

See More at American Blossom Linens

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite American made picnic baskets!

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