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RV Camping Supplies We Bought for Our Pop-Up, All Made in the USA

It’s been more than 10 years since I swore off camping for good. It’s a long story. But the bug came back with a vengeance. In a matter of a month, we bought a new to us pop-up, a new to us sport utility, and a lot of new made in the USA RV camping supplies. We have to tighten our belts now. But it’s worth it.

I made a list of all the things we needed, filled my Amazon cart, then together we went brick & mortar shopping to price compare and just for the fun of it. We didn’t buy much when we were out and about. Most of it was travel containers for shampoo, toothbrushes, dish towels, and stuff like that at Walmart. We bought some USA flag lights on clearance at Camping World along with wheel chocks and an RV drinking water hose that I forgot to check and is $10 cheaper on Amazon. Grr.

The Bass Pro camping selection was disappointing and even after walking through the entire store, we didn’t find anything we needed or wanted. Except for a boat, our 10-year-old would like a boat. That’s a bug I doubt I’ll get back.

I ended up ordering 90% of the list from Amazon when we got home. Here is everything we found for our camper that is made in the USA.

Update: We have a travel trailer now and bought more RV accessories that were all made in the USA.

The American-Made Equipment We Bought

Camper, Trailer, and RV Camping Necessities Made in the USA

Teknor Apex Never Kink 50′ Hose

The previous owners of our pop-up left their hose to us. I didn’t want to trust that it had only been used for drinking water so we’ll save the old one for washing feet and paws. We went with 50′ on our new RV drinking hose just in case the water access isn’t convenient but they do make shorter hoses. All Teknor Apex RV, boat, garden, farm & ranch, and industrial hoses are made in the USA.

All Teknor Apex hoses are proudly made in the USA.

Teknor Apex

Visit the Official Teknor Apex Amazon Store

Libman Precision Angle Broom

We have one for the house, one for the garage, and now one for the pop-up camper. Our oldest is more than 10 years old and still holding up. Libman offers more cleaning tools made in the USA.

We make many of the top selling mops, brooms, and brushes in the U.S. in our factory in Arcola, Illinois. Family made in the USA since 1896.


Visit the Official Libman Amazon Store

Rayovac Batteries

Our son’s tiny lantern, flashlights, and the smoke detector (you did install a smoke detector, right?) all require batteries. I bought plenty of made in the USA Rayovac batteries to keep everything running. Don’t forget yours.

Our Fennimore plant produces around a billion batteries in the USA every year and employees nearly 300 people.


Visit the Official Rayovac Amazon Store

Igloo Cooler

Not all Igloo coolers are made in the USA, but many are. I was fortunate to find ours at the local Meijer just 2 days before heading out for our maiden voyage in the pop-up when I remembered last minute that one cooler for meat and one cooler for drinks is a good idea.

After already breaking the bank for this trip, I needed a budget cooler in addition to it being made in America. Igloo saved the day, err the weekend. I purchased model #4903825. It’s the Igloo MaxCold Latitude 62 Roller with 62-quart (92 can) capacity. The sticker says it will keep ice up to 5 days. I will definitely follow up and let you know how it did.

Update: We left Thursday, still had some frozen meat on Sunday, and came home Tuesday morning with a lot of ice, and very cold food. I make giant ice blocks with food storage containers a few days before we leave which helps.

“Made in the USA” is also molded right into the back of the cooler which to me is a pretty cool feature.

Visit the Official Igloo Amazon Store

See More Igloo Coolers

Wheel Chocks

Nobody wants their camping trip ruined by a runaway camper. We picked up our American made wheel chocks at Camping World when we took a day to do some fun brick & mortar shopping for camping supplies. I haven’t been able to find the manufacturer or their products online. However, I did find these Camco wheel chocks. They appear to be exactly the same and they’re also made in the USA. Many of Camco’s RV products are made in the USA.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Camco Stabilizer Jack Pads

Camco stabilizer jack pads are good on any camping trip but they’re a must if you pull into a sandy, muddy, or rocky campsite. They’re also excellent for reducing the movement of the camper as people move around. If you wake up every time the kids roll over, you need stabilizer jack pads. Great news! Jack pads are another USA made Camco product.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Optional Camper, Trailer, and RV Camping Equipment That is American Made

Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

We could probably survive a holiday weekend camping trip without leveling blocks. Especially because we also purchased the pricier Bal Trailer Tire Leveler. However, we’re not spring chickens anymore and why not have some things on hand to make pulling in and setting up easier. Camco leveling jacks can be stacked in a number of ways under one, some, or all of your RV tires. Remember to never use the stabilizer jacks to level your pop-up. Having these made in the USA leveling blocks will save you from digging holes to get your trailer just right.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Camco RV Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

You never know what’s in the water, especially when visiting campgrounds. If you have any intention of drinking the hooked-up water or are concerned you’ll run out of water jugs, make sure you get an RV water filter. This American made RV water filter from Camco filters odor, chlorine, and sediments greater than 20 microns, is low-lead certified, and comes with a flexible hose protector.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Camco Portable RV Waste Holding Tank

You can’t just drain your gray water onto the ground. It’s against the rules, makes a muddy mess, attracts critters, and is bad for the environment. It comes with everything you need to clean out, then just take it down to the dump station. Walk it or tow it. The American made portable RV waste holding tank comes with a steel tow adapter. The blow-molded design won’t leak or deteriorate in the sun. It comes in multiple sizes from 15-gallon up to 36-gallon.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Camp Cooking & Eating Supplies Made in the USA

Re-Play Eco-Friendly Plates & Bowls

I admit it. We’re going to use paper plates when we camp. We haven’t camped in 10 years and it seems all I used to do was cook and wash dishes. I want to do some relaxing this time around. We needed something stronger for those heavier meals and our fresh fruits and vegetables. None of the camping mess kits had good reviews. Not to mention I couldn’t find any that were made in the USA. However, these Re-Play plates are great. They’re eco-friendly, manufactured from recycled milk jugs, and made in the USA. Re-Play actually makes dinnerware for toddlers but these are regular-size dinner plates and bowls that are perfect for our pop-up.

Visit the Official Re-Play Amazon Store

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Are we even camping if we don’t cook over the campfire with American-made Lodge cast iron cookware?

I didn’t actually have to buy new cast iron cookware for our pop-up (but believe me I want to anyway). I cook with Lodge cast iron daily on my gas stove and have a small second collection I kept in the shed from our last pop-up camper.

All Lodge cast iron has been made in the USA since 1896.

Cast Iron Cookware in the Official Lodge Amazon Store

USA Made Camp Recreation Equipment

Plano Tackle Box

We already have a nice tackle box but wanted something smaller for weekend camping trips, catch and release ponds, and not-so-serious fishing. I really like the secure latch on this American-made tackle box. It won’t open and spill easily for our 10-year-old, has one tray which is just enough for recreational fishing, and came with a few lures, hooks, and bobbers. Our son picked a neon green one.

Visit the Official Plano Amazon Store

Check out all of the American-made accessories we bought for the new RV.

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    Please help if you can.

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