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RV Accessories Made in the USA

If you follow our Facebook group, you know that our pop-up was totaled in a tornado. We caught the baseball-sized hail part of the storm and oh, did it do some damage!

We were already in the process of buying the RV when the storm hit. Just 2 days before the storm we looked at the RV, ran over to the bank to get the loan, then went back to the dealer to drop off the check. That was a Tuesday. We were scheduled for our walk-through and pick-up on Saturday. In the meantime, we planned to get the pop-up ready for sale in hopes of replacing the savings we used for a down payment on the RV.

Record scratch! The storm came through on Thursday and damaged everything on our property. The house, the car, the shed, and of course, the pop-up. Once we assessed all that, we worried about our new RV just a few miles away. We attempted to go look at it but couldn’t get out of our neighborhood because of downed trees and power lines. We’d have to wait.

The following morning, Don called the dealership. Not only had the storms not affected the dealership, but when they heard about the storms headed our way, they pulled our RV into a bay. Oh, thank goodness!

If you aren’t familiar with RVs, it would be pretty challenging to find one in America that isn’t made in the USA. From the the frame to the fridge, it’s all American made.

We got an amazing deal. The 2024 models are rolling out and ours is a 2018. Just as I was noticing the blue tape on the fridge, the plastic still on the mattress, and the tag still hanging from the radio, the dealer said, “A lady bought it from us when it was new, never had a chance to use it, and came in last week to trade it in for a bigger camper”. So we got a pre-covid trailer (if you know, you know), never used, for a pre-owned price. Talk about a deal!

It’s a small travel trailer but has a lot more storage space than we had in the pop-up, a bigger fridge, and even a 3 piece bathroom. It’s everything I wanted in an easy to set up, compact space. It did need a few accessories though. We moved everything from our pop-up camper to the new RV and added a few things too. Here is everything we added to the new RV that was made in the USA.

Made in the USA RV Accessories & Supplies

RV Accessories Made in the USA

Bridgevine Home Mattress Topper

Whew, that first weekend on the standard RV mattress was rough. We tossed around the idea of replacing the entire mattress since we keep our Murphy bed down, but because the mattress folds to store the bed, we decided to go with a topper just in case we want to use the couch on a long rainy day. I was happy to find this American made 3″ RV short queen topper. Bridgevine makes standard and RV-size toppers in both 2 and 3-inch thicknesses. They also make sofas and high-quality home entertainment stands in Phoenix, Arizona.

Visit the Official Bridgevine Home Amazon Store

Sterilite Plastic 5-Drawer Tower

There are tiny wardrobe closets on each side of the bed that only have a hanging rod. I figure that’s to keep the weight down. I don’t know about you but I don’t camp with my Sunday best and needed shelves or drawers for shorts, tees, and swimsuits. We had a 3-drawer tower that I used as pantry space in the pop-up. I tested to see if it would fit in a closet and it did. Yay! I couldn’t find a 3-drawer anywhere but found this 5-drawer on I bought one for each wardrobe knowing the curve in the closet, would prevent the use of the top 2 drawers. I just took those off and reset the top. I added the extra small drawers to a storage tower we have in the house. It works perfectly and since it’s not a permanent fixture like a shelf, we can always remove it if our needs change.

Find it at Walmart

Homestead Choice Squeeze Bottles

Not only is fridge space limited in an RV but we’re always conscious of the weight we add. I did purchase some smaller-sized condiments made in the USA but not everything was available in small sizes. Additionally, some of it won’t get used up before the season is over. These squeeze bottles are perfect for taking just what we need. They come in a variety of sizes including 4, 8, 16, and 32-ounce sizes. I like that they have screw lids so they’re extra secure when the camper is moving. They also carry reusable plastic tumblers and landscaping staples. Homestead Choice products are all made in the USA.

Visit the Official Homestead Choice Amazon Store

drymate Dish Drying Mat

It took some scrolling and digging but I found one! I wanted something to go over the glass on our stovetop since it gets used as extra counter space. I measured the glass for the size I would need and it took some effort but I finally found an XL dish mat that was actually made in the USA. It has worked great. drymate offers a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes along with other mat products made in the USA.

Visit the Official drymate Amazon Store

IRIS USA Heavy Duty Storage Bins

Our camping season comes to an end here in the Midwest where mice are known to sneak into RVs for warmth and food. I take everything out of the RV and keep anything that could freeze, go bad, or has a smell indoors for the winter. All the linens get washed and I give our RV a good cleaning and wipe everything down with vinegar to neutralize any lingering food odors. With no storage space left over indoors, the clean linens, dishes, lifejackets, paper products, and all the other camping supplies needed a home. I purchased 2 sets of these storage bins (6 total) to keep everything protected and stack them in the dinette space during the off-season.

USA Made Dollar Tree Finds

1.5 Gallon Sterilite Trash Bin

I was surprised to find this at Dollar Tree for $1.25 because they’re a lot more than that on Amazon. I don’t know if these are always available at Dollar Tree or if I happened to catch them because of an overstock or a flaw on the label. It’s the perfect size to use grocery bags as liners. I like the small size because we take our trash to the dumpster after every meal. And best yet, Sterilite products are made in the USA.

Visit the Official Sterilite Amazon Store

Drawer Organizers

I found the perfect size organizers for both the kitchen drawers and the medicine cabinet. They’re only $1.25 for a set of 2 at Dollar Tree. I bought three packs. I use three in the kitchen drawers, and three in the medicine cabinet. They keep everything in the medicine cabinet from falling out after travel and protect the wood from personal care items that often get wet. The organizer on the top shelf in the medicine cabinet has small items like clippers, tweezers, rubber bands, hair clips, and scrunchies.

American Made Products for Camping with Kids

Walkie Talkie Holster

We give our son a little bit of freedom to ride his bike around the campground. I don’t like him taking his phone because they’re so fragile and the expense is hefty if he loses or breaks it. Walkie talkies are a great option to keep in touch. There is no made in the USA option for affordable walkie-talkies so we had to settle for these. (They come in 2, 3, 4, and 6 packs.) The walkie talkies weren’t made in the USA but I did find this made in the USA walkie talkie holster our son can wear when riding his bike.

Visit the Official Holsterguy Amazon Store


We have a few games in the camper but when it rained all day and much of a second day on our first trip, I picked up Yahtzee at the camp store. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Playing a full score sheet at once is a fun way to pass the time. Everything but the dice is made in the USA. One guess where those are made. Most Hasbro games are made in China.

Buy Yahtzee on Amazon

Camp Cookware Made in the USA

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

I didn’t buy any new cast iron cookware for the pop-up but upon realizing I had been using an antique cast iron skillet that was over 100 years old to camp with, I replaced it with a 15″ Lodge cast iron skillet. It’s great on the propane stove top, a grill, or an open firepit flame. All Lodge cast iron is made in the USA. Enameled cookware is not.

Cast Iron Cookware in the Official Lodge Amazon Store

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Now that I have more storage space in the travel trailer than I did in the pop-up, I also bought the Lodge reversible griddle. I can’t resist a new piece of Lodge cast iron cookware. So much for watching my weight. Err, the trailer’s weight. Maybe it’s both. It’s probably both.

Cast Iron Cookware in the Official Lodge Amazon Store

RV Necessities Made in the USA

Carlisle Trailer Tires

With a 2018 RV on 2017 tires, it didn’t matter to us that the tires hadn’t been used and looked brand new. Time was up for them. Cheaping out on our safety and the safety of the people we share the road with isn’t in our book of options so we immediately purchased brand new American made Carlisle trailer tires. We purchased ours locally but they are available on Amazon too.

BAL X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers

X-Chocks work with the natural movement of the tires rather than against them to provide added stabilization and prevent tire shifts in tandem tire applications. This BAL brand X-Chock is the set made in the USA.

Camco Revolution 360 RV Sewer Hose Kit

Our pop-up had a cassette toilet so buying a sewer hose was priority number one (no pun intended). This one has 360-degree swivel fittings, a 4 in 1 elbow adapter, and everything else you need to dump the tank. Like most Camco products, this sewer hose kit is made in the USA. We purchased ours at the dealer but you can get it on Amazon.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Camco RV Bumper Cap

Who wants to keep the sewer hose in the pass-through storage when you can put it in the bumper? We purchased the Camco RV Bumper Cap from our dealer’s shop but the same one is available on Amazon. The squeeze cap is made in the USA. We also purchased a magnetic cap for the other side of the bumper. However, take note that the magnetic caps are one of the few items Camco manufactures that isn’t American made.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

We took the new RV out for the first trip on 4th of July weekend and were able to get perfectly level with the leveling blocks we moved from the pop-up camper. We did decide we better get a second set though since we prefer the more natural campsites over the perfectly level pads and with a small trailer, we’re able to get into them.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Camco Stabilizer Jack Pads

We added a second set of Camco stabilizer jack pads too. They can be stacked for added stability and leveling the ground up for the RV stabilizers to sit on.

Visit the Official Camco Amazon Store

Bonus! Because You Need to Know About These!

Okabashi Flip Flops

One of the reasons we purchased a travel trailer was that it was becoming too challenging for me to pack up the pop-up. Now that we have the travel trailer, I can keep quite a bit more inside through the camping season without having to load and unload every trip. I like to keep 4-5 days’ worth of clothes, swimwear, and flip-flops in the camper all season. I can’t say enough good things about Okabashi. They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, come in a variety of styles (for men, women, and children), are eco-friendly and recyclable, washable (that campground dirt comes right off), have a 2-year guarantee (when purchased directly from their website), and of course, are made in the USA.

Learn More at Okabashi

Don’t forget to take a look at all of the American made RV supplies and accessories that we moved from the pop-up to the travel trailer because you’re going to need that stuff too!

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Pin it! RV Accessories Made in the USA

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