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Made in the USA Grilling Accessories & Supplies

It’s the grilling time of year here in the Midwest. Ok, for some of you in cold climates, grilling happens year round no matter the weather. Us, not so much. Once in a while, Don decides to throw a steak on the grill in a foot of snow but that’s pretty rare. Just like his steak. Anyway, I am seeing it’s time for us to replace our grilling utensils so while I was digging around the internet for grilling accessories made in the USA, of course I had to share all of the American made grilling tools, utensils, and add-ons I ran across.

While you are here, be sure to check out our list of grills made in the USA, and always be sure to top all that delicious grilled goodness with condiments made in the USA and BBQ sauce made in the USA.

American Made Grilling, Smoking, & BBQ Accessories

USA Made Grill & Smoker Add-Ons & Accessories


GrillGrate offers 2 in 1 surface grates for gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet smokers, Kamado grills, electric grills, portable grills, flat tops, and more. GrillGrate will fit any grill. Shop by the brand of grill you own or measure to fit. Interlocking systems stay put so you won’t have flare-ups and lost food. And unlike steel or cast iron, GrillGrates never rust.

Learn More and Buy at GrillGrate

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Fill It and Grill It

Easy-to-clean rotisserie cooking basket made in the USA. Use it for meat, vegetables, and anything you want to cook slowly and away from the grill grates.

Our rotisserie basket is proudly made in Angola, Indiana, USA.

Fill It and Grill It


Stainless steel pizza oven inserts that are made in the USA and designed to fit either charcoal grills or gas grills. Transform any grill into a pizza oven with high heat and even temperatures. How cool is that?

We feel that staying committed to American manufacturing will help our country. It is our way of giving back. 


Visit the Official KettlePizza Amazon Store

Grilling Utensils & Tools Made in the USA

Bad Larry

Barbeque tool kits & grill accessories made in the USA. Grilling spatulas, tongs, forks, double-pronged skewers, and gloves. Stainless steel with hard maple handles and copper rivets.

Heavy Duty Barbeque Tools and Accessories Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Bad Larry

Bear Claws Meat Shredder

Perfectly shredded meat without the mess that will easily shred through chicken, beef, and pork. Made of BPA-free nylon, FDA-approved, and heat-resistant up to 475⁰.

The favorite BBQ accessory for years, Bear Paws are 100% made in the USA. 

Bear Paws

Visit the Official Bear Claws Amazon Store


A variety of stainless steel grilling utensil sets that feature walnut handles and come with carry bags.

Meticulously formed in the USA, each of our tools is finished to perfection using state of the art technology coupled with hand finishing.


Visit the Official Lamson Amazon Store

Nine Line Apparel

American made 3 piece BBQ set with 15″ fork, turner, and tongs made of hi-carbon stainless steel and walnut. Nine Line is known for their Patriot T-shirts made in the USA.

We are dedicated to reviving American manufacturing and the jobs they generate – setting the example for others to follow.

Nine Line Apparel

Visit the Official Nine Line Apparel Amazon Store

TEC Grills All-American Spatula

Heavy-duty, American pride, 304 stainless steel spatula with a 6.5″ head.

Made from 304 stainless steel in America (of course).

TEC Grills


Rada manufactures American made grill scrapers, grill brushes, tongs, turners, knife sets, and other grilling utensils as well as grill seasoning.

Today we continue to bring you that same made-in-the-USA quality in ALL types of products, from dozens of outstanding knives to commercial-grade pans and so much more.

Rada Cutlery

Visit the Official Rada Cutlery Amazon Store

Stone Country Ironworks

Grilling tools masterfully crafted in the USA by artisan blacksmiths. Stone Country Ironworks forges a complete line of American made furniture and accents for your home.

No other company produces such a wide range of products, all hand forged, using centuries-old tools and techniques. SCI is truly an American treasure

Stone Country Ironworks

Super Skewer

All Super Skewer products including the original Super Skewers, grilling racks, gaucho skewers, flat skewers, forked skewers, and square skewers are guaranteed for life and made in the USA.

The Super Skewer is manufactured in Salem, Oregon, USA.

Super Skewer

American Made Burger & Steak Presses

American Aftermarket Metalworks

Heavy-duty, made to last USA-made burger and steak presses with the option to personalize with a name, logo, or other personalization.

Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron grilling accessories and tools include a cast iron burger press, grill press, melting pot, grill topper, grilling basket, and more along with a cast iron grill. Lodge Cast Iron has been made in the USA since 1896 and offers a complete line of cast iron cookware. Note that non-cast iron products are not American-made.

We currently operate two foundries in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, our home since the very beginning.

Lodge Cast Iron

See All Grilling Products in the Lodge Cast Iron Amazon Store

USA Made Grill Racks & Pans

American Stonecraft

The American Stonecraft grilling stone is designed to heat and cook food evenly. It is made of gray or green marble that will add unique flavor to your grilled foods including meat, fish, and vegetables. American Stonecraft also makes natural stone serving platters, pizza stones, and other stone cookware.

My Gallery & Studio in Lowell, MA is in the heart of the action.

American Stonecraft

360 Cookware

360 Cookware makes heirloom quality .07 gauge, T-304 surgical grade stainless steel bakeware, and cookware that is oven safe up to 500 degrees. 360 Cookware is covered by a lifetime warranty.

See Where 360 Cookware is Made and Why it Matters

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Baking Steel

The Original Baking Steel line is made in the USA, virtually indestructible, seasoned, and ready for home ovens and grills right out of the box. Multiple Baking Steel options are available.

Visit the Official Baking Steel Amazon Store

G & S Metal Products Company

G & S Metal manufactures multiple lines of bakeware, all of them made in the USA. The Grilling Sensations collection offers multiple sizes of grilling sheets with durable steel construction and 360° air circulation that heats evenly for uniform cooking. Additional product lines include uncoated, non-stick, and professional bakeware.

Since 1949, G&S has grown to become the largest producer of metal bakeware in the United States. 

G & S Metal Products

Visit the Official G & S Metal Products Amazon Store

Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware makes a made in the USA grilling basket, grill pizza pan, grill topper, taco grilling rack, cactus skewer, and many other grilling accessories along with more than 300 baking, cooking, and kitchen products.

Since 1946, the Nordic Ware business model of manufacturing as many products as possible in the USA has resulted in a smaller eco-footprint, ongoing American job creation, and consistent, responsive customer service.

Nordic Ware

Visit the Official Nordic Ware Amazon Store

Firepit Cooking Tools

C. Palmer Mfg. Co. Inc.

C. Palmer Manufacturing Company manufactures outdoor cooking irons for sandwich toasters, mountain pies, hobo pies, and moon pies in addition to waffle irons, melting pots, and other small kitchen appliances.

Find on: Amazon

American Made Charcoal, Pellets, & Wood Chips

Buddeez Charcoal & Pellet Dispenser

Buddeez charcoal & pellet dispensers are made in the USA right along with their other storage solutions. Buddeez dispensers are stackable and offered in 10, 20, and 22 lb. capacities.

Our wood pellet storage bin is made in the USA from the highest quality, BPA free food grade resin.


See at the Official Buddeez Amazon Store

Blues Hog

100% natural hardwood lump charcoal and apple, cherry, hickory, and pecan wood chunks made in the USA. Blues Hog also makes BBQ sauce, rubs, and marinade.

Visit the Blues Hog Amazon Store

Fire & Flavor

Fire & Flavor makes 100% natural hardwood bbq pellets with no additives or chemicals. Flavors include Apple, Mesquite, Cherry, & Hickory. Note, that not all Fire & Flavor products are USA made.

See All Flavors in the Official Fire & Flavor Amazon Store


Probably the most recognizable name in charcoal, Kingsford Original Charcoal, Match Light Briquettes, and wood pellets are made in the USA.

Kingsford charcoal briquettes are the perfect all-purpose BBQ briquettes for your next cookout, made in the USA with natural ingredients from North America.


Visit the Official Kingsford Amazon Store

Royal Oak

Royal Oak charcoal lighter fluid, Super Size charcoal briquettes, and 100% natural hardwood lump charcoal are made in the USA.

We support American workers with offices and manufacturing facilities across the country.

Royal Oak

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USA Made Grill Accessories

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