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American Made 4th of July Party Decor & Paper Products

If you’ve visited any of our Purely Patriotic lists here at Made in the USA Matters, you know that anything patriotic made in China makes me twitch. Haha. You definitely won’t find any of that here. We’ve gathered 4th of July party supplies made in the USA. Our list of American made party decorations includes balloons, streamers, bunting, paper products, tableware, stick flags, drink wraps, and much more. If it’s USA-made, it’s here. Have a great Independence Day BBQ and weekend!

Independence Day Party Decorations & Supplies Made in the USA

4th of July Decorations Made in the USA

Big Dot of Happiness

Big Dot of Happiness carries 4th of July party supplies made in the USA including paper plates, napkins, centerpieces, booth props, yard signs, party favor boxes, banners, cupcake picks, and so much more for Independence Day celebrations. They have 4 coordinating patriotic party themes for Independence Day; Firecracker, 4th of July, Stars & Stripes, and Patriotic Gnomes. The Big Dot of Happiness Amazon Store is very well organized by theme and occasion.

Visit the Official Big Dot of Happiness Amazon Store

Devra Party

Honeycomb tissue paper 4th of July party decorations made in the USA. Products include red, white, and blue balls, bells, and streamers, patriotic paper balloons, a honeycomb American flag, and tissue paper fans.

Devra Party is a family-owned and operated business located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have been manufacturing honeycomb tissue paper decorations for four generations and love what we do! All of our products are made in the USA from US-made raw materials.

Devra Party

Visit the Official Devra Party Amazon Store

American Made Red, White, and Blue Balloons


PartyMate balloons are made in the USA and come in a range of solid colors including red, white, and blue.

Shop PartyMate Balloons on Amazon


TUFTEX has been making premium latex balloons in the USA since 1915. Multiple shades of red, white, and blue are available. Today’s TUFTEX balloons are earth-friendly!

TUFTEX Balloons are a premium latex balloon brand MADE IN THE USA since 1915.


Shop TUFTEX Balloons on Amazon


Qualatex latex balloons are made in the USA and Canada. Many colors and prints to choose from including red with white stars, blue with white stars, and clear with white stars.

Recognized as The Very Best, Qualatex latex balloons are made in the USA and Canada from natural rubber latex.


Visit the Official Qualatex Amazon Store

American Made Streamers

American Crepe Paper Streamers

American Crepe Paper Streamers can be found in the K-Kraft Amazon Store. The streamers are made in the USA and come in a variety of colors and metallic finishes including a red, white, and blue pack.

Visit the Official K-Kraft Amazon Store


Dennecrepe crepe paper streamers are made in the USA and available in a wide range of colors in single and multi-packs.

Shop Dennecrepe Streamers on Amazon

4th of July Paper Plates & Plastic Cups Made in the USA


Dixie manufactures paper plates, paper cups, napkins, and other paper products in both the USA and Canada.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA and Canada.


Visit the Official Dixie Amazon Store


Preserve makes compostable paper plates, cups, and straws, along with reusable and disposable 100% recycled, BPA and melamine-free plastic plates, cups, and cutlery that are light enough for a party and strong enough for everyday use. While they aren’t specifically patriotic, dark blue is a good eco-friendly option.

All of our products are made in the USA. The only exception is the razor blade cartridge.  The cartridges are assembled in Mexico from US-made parts.


Visit the Official Preserve Amazon Store


Red SOLO cups, colored cups, clear cups, ultra colors cups and plates, and paper plates and bowls are made in the USA with globally sourced materials. Plastic refill cups and hot cups are not. Plastic party cups, plates, and bowls are available in both red and blue so they’re perfect for the 4th of July.

Shop SOLO products on Amazon

Way to Celebrate

I can’t resist flipping things over and peeking at tags when I pass patriotic items while shopping. I always expect it to be made in China because usually, it is. I was so darn happy these paper plates and napkins were made in the USA that I bought them! Way to Celebrate 4th of July paper plates and napkins are available at Walmart along with other 4th of July party supplies.

See More at Walmart

More Disposable Paper Plates (with Eco-Friendly Options)

USA Made Food & Drink Adornments

Toothpick Flags

Toothpick flags are excellent for appetizers and decorating adult beverages. These are made from durable, biodegradable paper and compostable toothpicks.

Our toothpick flags are made in the USA, ensuring quality and supporting American manufacturing.

Toothpick Flags

More Made in the USA Independence Day Decorations at MADEINTHEUSAMATTERS.COM

American Flag Bunting

Made in the USA Matters has a complete directory of flag bunting and fan flags, pennant and string garland, pull-downs, patriotic windsocks, stick flags, and other patriotic decorations.

United States Flags

Made in the USA Matters has a complete directory of United States flags that are actually made in the USA by FMAA Certified flag makers.

Did we miss an American made brand of 4th of July party supplies and decorations? Please let us know in the comments below.

Pin it! 4th of July Party Decorations Made in the USA

Pin it! 4th of July Party Supplies Made in the USA

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